This Aircraft Door-Seal should be used with our Squeeze-Out Kit, when your door gaps near the hinges are large than normal.

Look Familiar?  It is the same seal that another Seal Company Sells, but theirs is approved to be installed ONLY on your aircraft airframe...that will get damaged from foot traffic of  people entering and leaving. Some Aircraft owners seem to like-it, some don't.    Back 5-Door-Seals  Best Door-Seal-Kit

We don't own the Chemical Plants and neither does our we FAA-PMA-Approved that same seal material for you....

Except our Seal is treated to resist Mildew, Mold, & Tearing w/o the need of Plastic Covers.

The above Seal is fragile, hence the reason it gets torn when foot traffic steps on it.  But our FAA-Approval has the above seal installed on your door, so this seal just might be the right Seal for is installed on the DOOR.

Our FAA-PMA-Approval MUST be installed on YOUR-DOOR.  Can NOT be installed on the Airframe.

 So..... it will  NEVER get damaged by foot traffic.  $ is less then our other seals. 

 We feel this seal should used on the baggage door. $49.95 Special Price

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