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                            Note, Now 2 Voltmeters Please indicate which one you want.

              Digital Volt Meter & 3-Way Splitter below



         Both Voltmeters Retail $39.95 Now... Sale $19.95!!     

    Order Here (Only $9.95 either meter) w/Any AvTek-Products

* Plugs directly into any Cig. lighter (Boat, RV, AirPlane)

* Back-Lit LED Display in 0.1 Volt Increments

* Also; LCD Bar Graph: Low, Med, High Voltage

* Over / Under Voltage Warning Display

* Swivels for Best Viewing

Another Cool Cockpit Gadget...3-Way Splitter

         3-way cig.jpg (39978 bytes) 3-WayPlug is... Rated  FOR 20 amps. Your Cig Lighter Fuse/C-B will be 10amps.  So the 3-way is Built-Tough & will take the Load.  3-Way Splitter ONLY $14.95

             Meter with the outlets on the side has been...... discontinued as of Mar 12 2005

Meter w-o Cig Plugs.jpg (58464 bytes)  The meter on the right has Cig Outlets on each end. So Plug your GPS, or any two items in while watching the "Buss" Voltage.  (Red Led display) is awesome at night.  While the LCD (on the left) is best during the day, but LCD is back-lit for night.  Get BOTH!!  Buy all three.

The Meter on the (Top) "Left" is smaller, then the on the right.  However, both have LARGE 1/2 display.

Choices you have... 3-Way, or...

  ... Meter on right; above has Cig Outlets on each end>> $19.95 (Display digits are Red)

Sorry, NO Exchanges, No Returns. Make your decision carefully.  Sorry, we can not send them to you, just to see-it.   I believe after you purchase one...You will come back for another for your Boat, Car Motorcycle...You bet.  Search Engines NOW show AvTek's Voltmeter Page for Motorcycles.


               StdBy Meter 3-way.jpg (82043 bytes)

Get Both (Meter & 3-way Kit) for $29.95...Heck, buy all (3) $44.95

                            Any Two Meters...$37.95

                    line4.gif (2501 bytes)

New....Limited time and quantity.  $ 5 bucks with Selected AvTek Purchases.  Click here


                line4.gif (2501 bytes)

28 VOLT Aircraft Please Note: The 3-way Splitter does work just fine, disregard what is printed on the package.  Just the Led will be brighter.  Put black tape over it if it's too bright for you.  Many tell us it's just fine.

AvTek's meter has "Limited" use in 24/28v Aircraft.   The Meter will show up to ~26 volts.  Over 26 Volts the display Reads "HI"... However, think of it another way: At a Glance if it reads any Volts at all, then YOU have Problems. < Less then 26 volts is N/g. Right? 

*28 Volt Aircraft Please Note: Meter (No Outlets) although it displays 24 volts, the display over 26.3 will show " HI ".

*Note: The Meter with the side outlets work on 28 Volt, but the 1st digit will be display as "1" so...

27.9 Volts will be displayed as...17.9.  Yeah, Yeah I know... but AvTek-Mike speaks Chinese's poorly.  The 1st digit does not roll over to "two" the next higher when 20 volts are encountered. Besides, they are in a limited supply, REALLY LIMITED.  So...

....Do you want one?         Piper Chieftain getting a NEW Door Seal

            Total Elect Failure happens without warning       Gwen.gif (44073 bytes)   Click Picture

               line4.gif (2501 bytes)

 All AvTek Products are Proudly Designed and Assembled in Kent, Washington USAThese Meters are Assembled for AvTek in China... The Meter's are NOT an AvTek Product!

Otherwise they'd cost $119.95 ea.  Except for the Ge Halogen, and Meters all Products are Assembled by; AvTek-Mike, in Kent-Washington.

Shipping w/Credit Cards is $6.65, sent next day (2-day Priority). Shipping w/Checks is $4.65 two to three weeks.

Sorry, NO Refunds On Open Packages...No Returns, Thank you.

Would you want AvTek or any Company send you a NEW Product in a Open Package? Of Course NOT.  Look at the pictures above, the Meter's and 3-way Splitter are exactly like the Picture.  Make your selection carefully.

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          Click here to see AvTek's Service Department         Returning Products For Service page

Since March 1998, Hundreds of Pilots have bought AvTek's Meter and told others about it. Nearly Hit Counter  Meters have been SOLD.  The Meter was OUT of Production for 15 months.  Shipping Next day after you order, when Meters are in Stock.  They come from China. Other-wise it's up-to 5 weeks.   I'll keep bring'in them in, as long as you guy's keep Love'in them. 

Almost FREE when Getting: Pulsar, 1st Alert, TekLitez or StdBy.

              Click here to see AvTek's Service Department     Click Cool-Blue Neon TekLitez

        ... AvTek has worked to return these Fine Meters to YOU.  Want ONE


Battery WiZard

I hope you enjoy this Clock!.
Michael (Mike) Peter. It should tell the correct time in any time Zone. Cool, Yes? Email, and I'll send you instruction how to put the clock on your Desktop