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                                                     Three Air-Chambers   Best Door-Seal-Kit 

   Below is the -02 Seal as shipped in it's Vacuum Seal Package.   Cherokee Pilots Assoc Owner Door-Seal Photos

                                                                           Manual    Use Razor to relocate the removed chamber to the rear of the door, to make THREE-Chambers if needed. 

                                        What do WE Recommend?  Buy the -02/-02 Twin AIR-CHAMBER

 For 97% of the aircraft...the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit is the BEST. $99.95 (-02 goes all around your door, then install the extra -02 ($29.95 more) on your "Airframe", Corners Top & Bottom.  The Air Chambers will meet and mesh-together like in a BMW, from the Door & Air-Frame

     ...We have many choices and kits to choose from, because no 2 doors are the same


                                    Click Here for Customer Feedback and some are Frank and Honest un-edited

   Click here for less confusion Door-Seal       Customer comments...some are Critical, we listen and changed

                              Only ONE Air-Chamber is needed up near the Hinges.    Continue next Page please >>

  Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95  Works on 100% every Aircraft, soon FAA-PMA on Pressurized Models