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                                         Only ONE Air-Chamber is needed up near the Hinges. 

 Using masking tape to help hold the seal before you glue-in.  This will allow you to see how and where the seal will install, then use a Marker Pen to mark the location. 26 Feet Total of Air-Chambers  (13 Feet per roll of Twin Chambers) ONLY one (1) Air-Chamber is needed at most locations of your door, however: use two, or three Air-Chambers where needed. Split down the center.

NO two doors are the same. So you will need to determine how many Air-Chambers will be needed…and where...

 Then simply Peel 'n Stick, But remember to Glue it-in one-day, as instructed with Piper, Cessna, Mooney, Beech all aircraft Seals, their seals come with NO Glue...Up-Date our Peel n' Stick is so strong the adhesive will LAST 10 years...or longer, then apply small amounts of contact glue as needed


  Using a Razor-Blade   Cut the Twin-Air-Chambers into two halves...Move one Chamber to the Rear of the Door where Gaps are larger

        The area of the door near the hinges ONLY one Air-Chamber is needed.  Near the rear or anywhere Gaps are wide, use two or three Chambers....even 4-Chambers wide, YES we provide enough seal material.

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Aircraft Shown is a Piper Cherokee, but all Models are Approved and the Seal will install the same Fast & Easy way.

Thank you...AvTek engineering listens and then reinvents. 

   Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95  Works on 100% every Aircraft, soon FAA-PMA on Pressurized Models