Better Panel/Instrument Lighting with TekLitez in your... Experimental Aircraft

              ......9 Volt Battery TekLitez Approved for all aircraft


TekLitez, Blue-Neon Light. Yes! Neon... Scroll down for More.

Better Panel/Instrument Lighting with TekLitez... Blue-Neon Light.

 The E.L.F. (Electro Lumens Fiber)  is very new, was invented by a Jewish-Russian Physicists.  It's amazing, you'll agree. Flexible thin clear Fiber, that is energized by the inverter designed by AvTek. The fiber needs 66Vac at a specific frequency which when energized develops this Cool-Blue-Neon, that is embedded in the substrate. The gas is NOT free flowing.  The result is 360 degrees of the best instrument lighting you'll ever see.  It's the specific frequency of the inverter that produces the color.  Use your imagination and Light YOUR panel the way you want. Unlike other panel lighting that come ONLY in round screw-on "White Light Filaments". 

 TekLitez allows you to illuminate Square instruments. Under the panel for better chart reading.  Snap to install.  The small thin E.L.F. is Super-Glued into place.  The inverters is 2" cube, which goes anywhere behind the panel. Sold in: 1 piece kit which will do approx 5 or 6 large $149.95 . Need more? Get the 2 pcs-kit Only $99 for additional E.L.F.    Life expectancy is over 20,000 hours.


Up to (6) Six Large Diameter Instruments "OR" (8) Smaller ones can be achieved, w/TekLitez.


1st Step is to Remove the Panel.  After the over-lay has been removed; determine what instruments you want Illuminated. Using Nylon Strapping tape "Temporarily" tape the ELF "Electro-Luminance-Fiber" around each instrument. See above right. Turn-on with 9-Volt battery. When happy, glue-in.

Below, is ELF Glued-in and over-lay on. Note: Pictured is ONLY one suggested way to install. There's no wrong way. Each Fiber is 5 feet long.  They can-not be connected end to end. Click: One Long TekLitez .


Below is another usage of TekLitez "Door-Way".  Above and below... use 9 volt Battery, for testing.

                                   Click   TekLitez in a Corvette  Also Boats


Above is TekLitez on the door way.  Have you ever hit your head at night?

Up-Date...TekLitez does NOT have to go on the glass bezel of your instruments.

  If you do install on the glass many use a Black-Marker Pen and blacken out the blue fiber that faces out. Or use heat-shrink.  See below. This then drives the Neon light down inside the glass instrument, so the whole instrument "GLOWS", without shining out towards you. The above picture is without the Magic Marker.  Either way TekLitez will provide the best instrument lighting over "Red" or White Post lights.

The above is simply "ONE" suggestion.  Many are attaching TekLitez to the inside of their panel over-lay. Then this will allow instruments to be REMOVED for IFR Certs. without tampering with the ELF....But the Fiber is easily removed (without damage) from the glass instrument with a razor blade knife, just one drop of "Super-Glue" in four locations.

Only AvTek gives you CHOICES, on how and where you back-light your panel. You'll say...

                                TekLitez are the BEST!

The E.L.F. is Very NEW.  Invented by a Jewish-Russian Physicists.  It's amazing, you'll agree. Flexible clear Fiber, that is energized by the inverter designed by AvTek. The fiber needs 66Vac at a specific frequency which when energized develops this Cool-Blue-Neon, that is embedded in the substrate. The gas is NOT free flowing.  The result is 360 degrees of the best instrument lighting you'll ever see.  It's the specific frequency of the inverter that produces the color.   The inverter has been tested, and NO RFI or EMI radiates from it.

You can also use TekLitez under the panel for Better Chart Reading.

Use a separate  9 Volt battery to power up the Fiber. This will give you a greater impression as to what your Panel will appear. As pictured above.   Be sure to plug the ELF and the inverter together.  Inverter is VERY Small.  2 oz. and 2" Cubed.

AvTek suggests that you take a 5 foot length of 18ga. wire out to your panel and wrap where you would want to use TekLitez before buying.  This way you can determine if you need (1) or (2).

The ELF is then glued into place with adhesive See *FAQ.  The small 18ga Fiber wire is semi-permanently attached to the edge of the instrument glass. The Fiber wire Shines in 360 degrees.  This is why TekLitez is Brighter then the Rest, they use Strip's which only shines in one direction.  Of course in the daylight the E.L.F. is NOT visible, nor does it interfere with the instrument.  When the Panel overlay is re-installed to it's original position, the Blue-Fiber is not visible until turned on. 

What AvTek allows is complete freedom of choice to how and what instruments you illuminate. So use your imagination and illuminate your panel.  Get More then ONE, and go Wild.

Take another Look above at what AvTek has developed.  It's NOT just a BETTER Instrument Lighting, it's a: "Cool-Blue-Neon" Door-way light, Baggage Area Lighting, enhance/accent the under panel, HOW ABOUT... in the rear seat area giving your Passengers (Kids) a warm Glowing feeling.  YES Sir!  AvTek has a Winning Product, with TekLitez J ... The ELF is 5 feet long.

From the Mind of AvTek, bring Quality Aviation Products to General Aviation, since 1983.

12 volts ONLY


    Night Flights are NOW so relaxing and enjoyable...


Re: Love the TekLitez

 on March 13, 2003, 2:38 pm, in reply to "Love the TekLitez"
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Look how great the "Blue" light is on round and rectangular shapes

I installed the Teklitez in my Rv-6 to light the engine gauges, the clock, and a strip at the bottom of the bow-tie yoke to help read the knee board.

I'm impressed!

(Pre-Wired & Fuse)...ONLY! $149.95 MSRP, may be less Use your Nav-light  Dimmer. Snap to Install. 

Need More? 2nd, 3rd ONLY $99ea. Up to 18 Large Instruments = $19.44 per instrument.

Use two for the Panel Instruments, and the 3rd Under the Panel chart reading  or  door-way.

Each five (5) foot TekLitez is "Snap" connected at the inverter.  The lead wire to the Fiber is approx 12 inches.

                                    Price..All come with 9-Volt hook-up

Prefect for boats, cars, us we have kits for all.

One Long TekLitez...

Those that need (3) ELF =15 feet.  AvTek will custom cut you Fiber to the size you need.  Maybe you need 17 or 18 feet. The result will be ONE long piece of TekLitez...not (3) five foot lengths, which are all connected at the inverter.  For some this is a MORE efficient use of the "Neon" Fiber.

         Yes Sir... AvTek Clearly has a Winner with "TekLitez" J

                                        All TekLitez are PURCHASED through Aircraft Spruce


*FAQ.  Below are actual questions sent and called-in:  Please keep asking.

* Is there a Back-up Power in case of Electrical Failure and the Panel Lights go DEAD?

 Yes; there is.  9 Volt.  In-Fact the 9 volt Battery can drive TekLitez for 30 hours

* If the Fiber is Permanently attached then How do I remove it when that instrument needs repair?

  The adhesive used is Crazy-Glue.  One drop is used in each 90 degree quadrant.  So simply use a Razor-Knife and "Pop-up" the fiber.

* Can the Fiber be attached to inside of the Panel?

Yes.  Each panel overlay will be different from all the Models out there.  But all instruments are the same.  This why AvTek chose the Glass edge.  The Fiber is ONLY 18 Gage.  Very small.  Use Strapping Tape at 1st to experiment, before Krazy-Gluing-it-in.

* What (How-Much) Current does TekLitez use? And How is it installed?

Answer: 57 mA. Two wires.  One wire goes to Ground.  Other to the Instrument/NavLite switch.

* Is there a Fuse or C/b?  How about Est. time to install.

Yes, comes with a Fuse.   The Glue takes about 3-4 Minutes per instrument to set-up.  Use just 1-2 drops per 90 degree quadrant. Glue at (4) Locations.

* Can One Dimmer Control More then ONE E.L.F.?  I want two or three.

* Can the 5 foot E.L.F. be cut?  Seems that one foot pieces would go further this way?

Yes and NO.
Yes the E.L.F. Can be Cut but only Once at the end to SHORTEN. Then Heat-Shrink needs to cap the end.
The Fiber needs A/c Amperage to Light-up, so cutting the 5 foot length in (five one foot lengths) would result in only ONE (1) Foot Lighting-up.

* Can TekLitez be mounted under the Panel for Chart Reading, Like "Strips"?

Yes, indeed!  In-fact unlike the rest, TekLitez 18 ga. Fiber Shines 360 degrees, so this is another excellent application of TekLitez.  Buy more then One.  2nd is discounted.

* Will my Fingers get Permanently Glued together, with Krazy Glue?

Hmmm; Why, NO they Won't... it may seem Permanently.

* Why are the Pictures above so dark?

Huh...Well thanks for was at night when the pictures were taken to better show how well TekLitez will look in your Panel.

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