ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED, Back-up Electrical System...

AvTek uses rechargeable, dependable, deep discharge batteries as the power source in its Standby Electrical System. They are sealed and maintenance free. Nothing can get out and there's nothing to add. They can't leak, because the acid is absorbed in the "Substrate" were gases are re-combined, per Yuasa Engineers. Very Safe Batteries, in AvTek's Ventilated Enclosure Box. These are Deep-Discharge batteries, not like your "WET-Acid" Cold-Cranking car battery.  Also unlike NiCads there will never be a memory problem with lead acid. All the potential stored energy will be available to your dead panel. Power is delivered through the cigarette lighter. No Power will be discharged through the cigarette lighter greater then what it takes to heat up the lighter element in the first place.  AvTek's design is MUCH more then a Battery in a Black Box.  AvTek uses a circuit board with FAA-PMA-Approved Parts, to control the power to the buss. This Smart board monitors the amperage demand at an efficient, reliable rate to insure a safe I F R descent. An uncontrolled portable battery connected to the cigarette lighter could smoke the panel, as with any home made project built without an controlling (PCB) Printed circuit Board. AvTek's Batteries are POWERFUL. Clearly capable of delivering over 200 amps through the Cig plug, enough to start the engine if NOT controlled.  So, Protection is what the "Printed Circuit Board" does for you.  While delivering Reliable, Dependable 60 mins or LONGER, to your IFR Panel. ONLY AvTek has a 28 Volt Battery unit, not just 12 volt.

With the Master Switch turned OFF the panel is now a closed loop circuit with the cigarette lighter connected directly to the BUSS, right along with all the radios. What does this mean?...

Every cigarette lighter is directly (Through Fuss or C/b) connected to the Buss, called the Secondary.  All of your radios, avionics, I mean everything in your panel gets its Power from this Buss.  You may think; Ok the Cig lighter "Takes-Power" from the Buss to power my accessories that I plug into the lighter, but HOW can-it deliver Power to the Buss?  That's were AvTek, Mike Peter broke NEW ground in 1987.  B.T.W; it's NOT Rocket Science, just no one else thought of it before AvTek.  The Cig plug is NOT Polarized.  D/c (Direct Current) will flow into your Panel from an external Power Source, just as Happy as it will flowing out, say to your Hand-Held that is Plugged into the lighter.  If you do NOT understand this, you are NOT alone.  Even some of AvTek's Critic's (Aviation Experts) didn't get-it.  It's so simple that most try to dismiss-it.  Your Master Switch Turned OFF keeps the "Power" from  going into your Dead Battery, or worse the Primary Buss, Alternator side.

Breaking News StdBy Elec

Whatever killed the Aircraft's battery in the first place (alternator failure) has now been isolated from the buss with the Master Switch turned OFF. 12 volt and 28 volt Aircraft are all the same. At least 45 minutes of power is available -- over an hour has been reported by Many of our customer's. Aircraft to aircraft, each panel will vary. 

Our current I F R customers tell us the following instruments are what they feel are necessary for a safe I F R descent:

#1 Nav/Comm with a glide slope, HSI, turn bank indicator, GPS / loran, and outer marker beacon. It is possible to also drive an auto pilot. It would be very helpful to have an extra pair of hands in the cockpit. Of course your panel might have these, or other instruments. Any combination of instruments up to 7 amps (12v) or 8 amps 28v for 60 minutes, over an hour is possible. It is also possible for a brief period to get a large burst of power, for an example: the pitot heater. It has also been reported to us by our customers that the gear was extended after the panel was on for over 40 minutes. This is a bonus, and is possible, however we make no claims as to its gear lowering success on each aircraft.

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Please, Understand this VERY important Point: When You DO have an Electrical Failure everything that you had on will go DEAD.  Will AvTek's 8 Pound Parachute Re-Power that complete IFR Panel Stack?   NO-WAY!    And...

...I'm not advertising it will. However It will drive: #1 Nav/Com with Glide-Slope, GPS, Outer-Marker, HSI and More depending on your Radios Manufacture and that current Draw.  Many of AvTek's customer have reported that they were able to SAFELY descend and shoot an ILS approach with their Head-set ON when in an actual IFR Failure, NOT using an Hand-Held.  Your Panel Mounted Radio may NOT Transmit using AvTek's StdBy Elect Unit and something else on at the same-time. Is this Bad?  NO; Sir...

  If/when you do have a TOTAL Elect Failure and you did NOT Purchase our Unit, you won't be able to Transmit anyway, Right?  Clearly Center will know you have a Elect Problem, because you are still flying straight and level.  You have two Choices to transmit: 1) Turn Off briefly something not critical to IFR Flight and then Transmit.  Remember; Transmitting takes a LOT of Electrical POWER.  2) Use your Handheld.  The reason Handheld can Transmit using Tiny Battery's compared to AvTek's LARGE StdBy Battery is... The Amplifier in all Handheld are FCC controlled to 5 watts MAX.  More like 2.5 watts.  While your Panel is 15 to 25 watts Max.  This take MUCH more Juice to operate, and AvTek may NOT do-it, while also POWERING other Electrical instruments in your Panel.  AvTek's UNIT will operate your Nav/Comm so you can listen-in for Vectors, and Shoot an ILS Approach...All for LUNCH-MONEY! And No Installation.

The 12 volt (only 12v) unit has an "ALERT" feature. When there is 5 to7 minuets of Power remaining; a RED Led will begin to BLINK. If you have used AvTek's unit for 45 to 86 Minuets of IFR decent; you SHOULD be safely on the ground.  So I hope you NEVER see the red Blinking Led. If you do see the Red Blinking Led, lets hope you are on the ground Taxiing to the tie-down. If you are on Final, you have a 5 Min warning.

Unlike NiCad's, lead acid batteries will never develop a memory condition. AvTek does not use Gel Batteries. However if lead acid batteries are left uncharged they will sulfate to a premature death. AvTek's Standby Electrical System has a Smart Printed circuit board inside. Both the 12 volt and the 28 volt models come with a built-in 110v a/c charger, that can never over-charge the batteries. In fact, lead acid batteries will last the longest when left in a float charge environment. Over five years is possible (many are getting 7yrs.) before replacement batteries are to be considered. We recommend leaving it plugged into your lighter all the time, then as you fly it will get re-charged. Or; use the 110v a/c to charge once a month or so.  The Printed circuit board inside will NEVER allow AvTek's Power Pak to be discharged to empty right along with your aircraft's battery, (or)... ...Over-Charged due to an Over-Voltage electrical failure, and OVER-HEAT; it's isolated. You can Rely on it, Please Do.

Are Batteries the Best Method to "Back-Up" an Aircraft Electrical System?...

  In 1987-88 I designed, this Portable StdBy Elect Product.  Then in 1997 Boeing offered me an Manufacturing Engineering Position, on the 737 line.  I was very anxious to learn how Boeing Engineers solved "Electrical Redundancy" on the 737.   YOU guessed-it, "Batteries".  NOT, wind, engine, or Mice in a Cage... BUT Batteries.  Because they are the MOST reliable, most dependable source of "Power" that any Engineer can count-on, to get the job done.

AvTek StdBy Electrical Units "Under-Fire" in 1995.  Is what some of my Customers Testimonies have mentioned.  They have said this and other words of Praise to "Help-Defend" AvTek's Quality Unit's from what some Critic's will have you believe.  With Confidence I will tell you: "My Product will exceed your expectations".  But, I've heard the criticism, and it is always from those that Do NOT own, and NEVER did own my product.  Many think that this is just to simple of a design and therefore the cost should be... $50.  AvTek's StdBy Units price reflects the, aircraft quality that the FAA-PMA MIDO office in Seattle mandated.  Also the Price reflects:  The VERY Small number of IFR Pilots that actual File and Fly into IMC.  The cost of Engineering and building the Printed Circuit controller Boards.   Lastly the price reflects the HIGH cost of Advertising.

You can EVEN Start your ENGINE.  Have you ever loaded up the plane, kids in the back, wife, and you up front and all you get is "One Blade Turn".  I have, and it meant NO GO!  AvTek unit will Charge-Up your dead Airplanes' Battery right through the Cigarette Plug.  Sometimes 5 to 10 Minuets is all that it takes.  If your ships battery is really "DEAD" then wait 20 to 30 minutes.  Then hit the Starter and go HOME.   The extra benefit here with AvTek unit over any other StdBy Elec. Sys is that once airborne just plug the unit back into the Cigarette lighter to re-charge it.  So should you have an actual In-Flt Elec Failure on that Flight, your AvTek unit will be fully Charged and ready to step-in on the way HOME.  After-all you did have a "DEAD" battery when you tried to start your engine.  Dozen of my customers since 1989 have called to tell me this happen to them.  Twice, my AvTek unit has started my Cherokee.  My wife and kids thought I was Smart, so will yours.

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        MUST SEE THIS>>>  Take a F-18 Super-Sonic Flight   Mach-1 Vapor Shock-Wave at 75 feet MSL


As far as I know there are THREE methods of backing up your Electrical Panel: (1) Stand by Alternator, (2) Wind Generator, (3) Portable Batteries. Back-Up alternator is very expensive. May not be available on your aircraft, while only delivering 5 amps. Our customers who had a back-up alternator tell us that the small Standby alternator spun all the time right along with the primary, and frequently needed repairs, with very expensive replacement parts. Wind generators output amps are limited to the air speed. Typically it's 8 amps at 150 kts. When you slow down for Final... you'll lose Electrical Power = NO Glide-Slope. The deployment of the wind generators are from the wing, this will induce a drag factor with a slight left or right turn corresponding to the wing it has been installed in. A nuisance I feel while IFR. Wind generators are expensive over $1,795.00 plus 10 to 20 hours to install at $50/hr. Wind generators after installed can cost 10x's the price of AvTek’s WOW. Remember NO Wind Generator or engine driven Generator will ever START your engine when your Airplanes Battery is "DEAD". Nothing's more reliable then Batteries, NOW Boeing and the FAA Agrees. AvTek mentions these other methods because you are a well-informed pilot to deny they exist is not the responsible approach we care to project. Clearly the least expensive and most dependable way to back-up your Electrical Panel is with AvTek’s Standby Electrical System. It's portable NO installation cost, take it with you when you sell and move to a new aircraft. This makes it ideal for renters.  Ok but; are the AvTek units (Click Worth-it?, Here). I know you may be thinking: "I keep my IFR airplane properly inspected and maintained" and I would rather wait before buying any "Back-up" systems. Well waiting just may cause: Total Elect Failure: Go Here Aircraft Destroyed While IFR You Need to see this....  So at such a Very reasonable purchase price, for such a very RELIABLE product... What are you going to say to yourself and your Wife when the Electrical System while IFR STOPS?  After you have read through my pages of true and honest facts, you still decide NOT to purchase a Unit; Well-Sir, good-luck, and safe flying.  I apologize for the "Scary" Night-time Stories, but well it's real and YOU know-it.  Some have told me that I'm selling FEAR to get IFR Pilots to buy.  No... Sir I say; I'm providing INSURANCE, against what WILL happen.  My Policy will save your life, not reimburse Money after your loss. Come-on, For over 1 HOUR of Reliable IFR Back-up Electrical Power, and your might say NO! Why?  Someday, when these UNITs are all gone, IFR Pilots will call and want ONE. Sorry, I'll say.

          Today, Less then 85; 65; 45 are Left, and it goes less each week...

Lastly; I had a total Electrical Failure in 1987 at night (VFR) and it scared the Hell out of me.  After we finally landed, I told my Wife; "No one should go through this, I believe I just came up with a NEW AvTek Product." That was the beginning, now Hundred's of Pilots have embraced the concept. Are you: IFR rated?  Please consider AvTek's solution to your dead Panel.

Our product has an Aircraft quality workmanship, and a Aircraft circuit breaker, NOT a fuse. Our product is sold only to Aviators like yourself.   HOW MUCH Click Here Order_form And Prices.  

                                             avtek@comcast.net for the Fastest response. 6am to 2 pm Seattle time.


  *NOW FAA Requires Back-Up Battery Power System on IFR 135 operators 1hr. 150% AvTek exceeds it (86 min's as reported by pilots)

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