This is AvTek's Service Page.

All AvTek Products are Warranted for ONE Year from the date Shipped. YOU MUST REQUEST AN R-M-A 1st before returning any product

Tv's, Vcr's, cars, EVEN Airplanes will need to be serviced.  For some reason Aircraft owners feel the products they buy should NEVER need repairs, well so do I.............  But; Sorry They all will need some service someday, but most avionic shops charge a MINIMUM of $395 per visit.

 Warranted repairs are N/c, but $5.00  return postage is required. 

Out of warranty repairs: You may take your Pulsar to the same avionics' shop that repairs your Garmin, King Narco or any and all your panel items.


Request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) like with any company and AvTek will provide you with an estimate FREE No-Charge. 

                            All shipping cost will be billed to the customer/owner of the AvTek Product.

   OR...Upgrade your Pulsar to the Heavy-Duty Version are $195; Please return your Pulsar with a note & Credit Card # to:


 25230-45th ave. so.

    Kent, WA 98032

When returning any AvTek Products ... Sending them Regular US-Mail works the Best and AvTek has never had any problems with damaged shipments.  Signature requested is NOT recommended, because I'm NOT here to sign for it, and your product will be returned to you...undelivered.

 If you want "Insurance, and/or Signature" Service... Then request-it from AvTek and we will provide that service to you at the appropriate fee.

The most frequent reason Pulsar is returned for repairs is: improperly installed.   Pulsar has 3 wires to hook-up, and one is ground.  Maybe I made it to easy to install.  Installers will "Spark Check" Pulsar.  Done by touching the white wire to ground to see if there's any "POWER" there.  There is and that just blow out MY board in a Micro Sec.  I'll fix it for free.  I wish this practice would STOP. Another frequent cause for repairs is Pulsar used with the wrong Ge Light.  

 USE Ge HALOGEN only, please. If you bought the Halogen but are waiting for your OLD 4509's to burn-out 1st before installing the Halogen, Well Sir the 4509's have now worn-out your Pulsar.

DO NOT SEND ANY AvTek PRODUCTS BACK >>> SIGNATURE REQUESTED. NOT here during the day and I will NOT go to Post Office to get your package.

I have never had any lost or damaged products when shipping with U.S. Post Office or with UPS.  I send all products back using the "Cheapest" Method possible.  If you want Signature Request, or Insurance please say so, and included an additional $15.

AvTek will NOT, held be responsible for "Lost, or Damaged" products when they are returned. You MUST Purchase Insurance AvTek will NOT automatically purchase insurance for your returned goods.

You can specify UPS.  UPS is more than Post Office but UPS covers the 1st $100 of product damage due to shipper.

Post Office is FASTER/Less $$ and since 1983 AvTek has NEVER had one damaged shipment. UPS...we had several.

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