Pulsar MOSFET Are FAA-STC'd-Approved


Removal is 30 seconds and re-installation is 3 minutes...Easy:

Cut Your current Pulsar harness about 4 inches from the black-box...leave most of the harness in your aircraft, and enough harness for AvTek to install a "Quick-Disconnect-Plug" on that cut end.

Then to re-install, just crimp your "Female" plug ends (we provide) to your Pulsar Harness end...DONE.

But you MUST request an "RMA" from us before returning, otherwise your shipper will return your Pulsar to you and we will never know.

Up-Grade is $195 + Shipping and credit card fees of 4.8% which is the...S/h 

Save 4.8% by sending a Money Order, and AvTek will pay all the return shipping...saving you $17.65 in s/h. 

For those that decided to install Pulsar behind the Panel where heat build-up is not dissipated with an Avionics’ Fan, you need our  Micro “Cooling-Kit” Just  $35.00…

While MOSFET's are indeed more efficient than old Transistors all avionics need cooling air.  Only AvTek's relay version do not.

Just send $195.  Add $30 for dual wing landing lights

Do you need any GE Halogen Landing Lights?  $19.50 ea.

So; you want Pulsar hidden behind the panel with ONLY the switches shown Pulsing two lights and you have NO Avionics Fan the cost is:

 $295 (base) + $30 (Dual Lights) +$25 (Behind Panel) + $35 (Cooling Fan) Total: $385.00 NEVER need service.

Pulsar Customer said:

Thanks Mike for the upgrade to the new MOSFET PULSAR.

 The unit took 7 minutes to reinstall in my Cherokee. It works Great!

I also have the unexpected additional benefit of not having the clicking sound anymore.  I guess some people might like the sound but I prefer it not

With no installation modifications, the upgrade worked straight away!  Plugged right as you said

 Thanks again Mate!

Best regards,

Alex Marcoux

National Sales Manager



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