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Pulsar MOSFET Brief History...

I have been waiting 22 years to build AvTek's Power-MOSFET Pulsar...it's a good thing and AvTek has it.

In Early 1980's I (Mike Peter)  was designing Electronic Circuit's and selling them as a contractor.  Then I learned to fly and became an "Aircraft" owner...for nearly 18 years.  I highly recommend owning if you are a renter.

I was concerned about Close-Calls as a NEWLY-MINTED VFR Pilot so around 1984, Pulsar was invented and I named it "Omega II"  It should have been named and Registered as Pulselight; because that name had not yet been taken.

I know that Bi-Polar Transistors would get to hot based on the technology of the time so Relays were designed into the switching circuit.  FET's (Field Effect Transistors) were interesting as an On/Off switch for low amperage, but the power of a Landing-Light was too much. 

MOSFET's came to be in the Mid 80's but they were large, bulky packaging and VERY expensive.

Then came the Power MOSFET with Enchantment Channel P & N, but the "Rds-on"  which is the Ohms within the Channel between the Source & Drain when turned-on was still too high of resistance.  This meant too much heat.

Semiconductor firms all were competing for better P-enhancement Power-MOSFET with Rds under 0.500 Ω = 500 thousands of one ohm or 1/2 an Ohm.  Then in October of 2006 they did:

"Rds-on" of 0.026 Ω  & now 0.015 Ω  or Fifteen Thousands of one ohm Ω  "10 to the -3"  of ONE Ohm... is VERY Small and this means more energy out to the load.  You will be seeing more products built using Power-MOSFET's P & N enhanced Channel's very soon everywhere.  On a Personal level as an Electrical Engineer since 1977...this is New Years Eve on 1999 level.  We all should happy and it should be on the discovery channel.

This is nearly ZERO Omh's.  Copper wire is close to this value, but a straight piece of copper wire alone will NEVER turn On & Off your Landing Light.  You need the switching action that only a electronic circuit can do.

I have been waiting 22 years to build AvTek's "Power-MOSFET P-Enhancement"  Pulsar.

....it's a good thing and AvTek has it.

Just so a few reading the above words, think I invented the MOSFET?  I did NOT! neither did...Al Gore.  Fairchild Labs and Texas Instrument did.   I just know how to use the darn thingy in your airplane...it just took 22 years.

Thank you for waiting J

Michael J. Peter, AvTek Engineer

Whatz Next?...the super-conductor.  This will bring World Peace.  Imagine Power distribution at NO loss of energy