Piper Chieftain getting a NEW Door-Seal

Piper Chieftain... This 27 year Multiple location Charter FBO in Seattle (Boeing Field) had many complaints from passengers of "Cold, Wind, Noise" in the cabin.  Video Here>>> Click here to view Movie


                                    They installed our Door-Seal, and the customer/passenger complaints ended.

Professional installed.  We highly recommend hiring a/p.   Started at 10:45 Am...closed and latched the door at 12:15 Pm...1 & 1/2 hours


Below, A/p I/a Mike Diamond applies the double-back tape...Then, next the Door-Seal is applied and butted at bottom of the door.


            Door is re-installed                       Small Trim to Seal and the door latch is secured from inside.  See the Squeeze-Out...


Pressurized aircraft will never have air leaks, so your Piper, Cessna, Mooney Beechcraft can NOW Fly in warmth and comfort.


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