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                        Orders from Aircraft owners ONLY

                          FOR SECURITY REASONS,

       Trusted Engineering since 1983... 30 Years  Anniversary.

 Please CALL 1800/659-2800 IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO ORDER ON LINE...AvTek is a small company, the Fees taken by 3rd Party on-line order companies cost too much.  So complete the one form down below and submit, this will send me [AvTek] an email...next call 1800/669-2800 ext 2

and leave your Credit Card # and exp-date...I will call or email you with confirmation.  e/m   mike.peter@comcast.net

  fewer ordering errors occur when customers complete the forms below, rather than taking orders over the phone...

FOR SECURITY REASONS, there are two tables: One for ONLY your Credit Card next page it goes to a Password Lock-Box Account. Below is for shipping address

                    So you must submit TWO forms...  One at a time.  

                                  Sorry NO AmEx or Discover Cards...

            ....Only Bank Cards like Visa. Credit Card # are submitted in the 2nd form on the next page

         $5.50 to $15.50 (for $400 max total Purchase amount) Insurance is included in the S/h. Depends on the dollar amount. $99 = $5.50 ins

                      ...If you do not want insurance please say so in the comments

                                    COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW FIRST


                        Processing Fees are the H, in S/h...for all companies you buy from.

            ...Credit Card FEES that are applied go directly to Credit Card Co which they deserve . 

    FREE SHIPPING if sending check

 Save, Bank Fees by sending check, Mike Peter C/o AvTek  Then all S/h is FREE but add opt $7.50 insurance I'll pay rest

For No Bank FEE Click Pay-Pal Click Here

Door-Seals & Pulse-Lites

If paying by Check to save Cards FEES, Send Money Orders, to prevent Delay waiting for Personal Check to Clear


                                                                  No outside USA checks

                                            NO Checks Please for items less than $125...

                         ...YOU simply will not save anything & I eliminate standing in line at the bank

    You MUST Submit TWO forms. 1st below, sends an email to AvTek to retrieve your P/w protected credit order

                           PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM FIRST...

 What are you Ordering & Qty? Enter it here  

    Ship to address in this Form,




USA State         Zip>

    < Provenance if outside USA

             < Country


               Phone Day             Eve>

           Where did you see our Products?  What Magazine?

               Aircraft Make/Model Yr. & Voltage

 Comments:  Such as:  .....I will send Check, Please do NOT bill card.  or, go ahead and bill my card

  Comments >


        Tip: Copy/paste info above one field at a time to the one below, before you submit. 

The fields get deleted once submitted. Unless you use the "Back-Button" on your Browser, then nothing is deleted

    If sending Check Add $7.50 for insurance.

  Now Send This one 1st...  Scroll down, and and click next page

                Please Click Submit ONLY Once in each form box. Thank you.  

                       You must complete & submit this form otherwise we will never get notified of your order

                Also you must click below to continue your Credit Card Purchase...Don't you miss the good old days?

      L J  J  K

   Continue, by Clicking here to Submit your credit card order

             Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95  Works on 100% every Aircraft, soon FAA-PMA on Pressurized Models 

Otherwise your items will never get shipped. Submitting your order is better and faster than calling me.