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 Tribute to Lost Americans Sep-11 2001

MUST SEE THIS>>>  Take a F-18 Super-Sonic Flight   Mach-1 Vapor Shock-Wave at 75 feet MSL  AvTek-Mike Loves the USA and Military...I'm a Nam-Vet Aviator.

                                                USA FOR-EVER... AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL  

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If you like that or (Hate-it) You'll Love This; Click Here http://www.freaksonparade.com/usa/  

Click here for Latest FBI Weapon Hello_Taliban.  Really go here, and above 

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USA, USA, USAphoto54.jpg (119243 bytes)Rachel's (Mid) 1st Salmon in Seattle. You Bet i Love USA!

Not since my Army years in Viet Nam have I been so darn Proud of ALL of Us... Let's come together!

Thanks for all the e/m's in support of this page.  We all are GLUED-Together, in a common cause.

This Many Hit Counter Fine Americans, and Friends around World Have Been Here. Since sat 10/27.

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