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Marine Division

Have you ever wanted and Wish to be able to Flush-Out your Manifolds & Risers like the Trailer-Boaters do:

                                                ...While your boat is still in; THE WATER?    Click HERE

 Fresh-Water Flush-Kit  YES NOW YOU CAN FLUSH-OUT SALT-WATER WHILE IN-WATER, even if your Boat is 85 feet long...Click HERE  Priced From $295...for intro period $245  1.25 Inch or smaller

 Below, Under Water Lights...Sea-Litez

Go figure, Fish come-up and follow the light....

 ...Catch MORE, catch Bigger Fish all day.

Spends hours with your family watching Marine Life swim in & out of the lights from the back of your boat


    No drilling 2" inch Holes...install yourself on your trailer





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