Low Oil Detection

Low Oil Pressure will soon result into NO OIL-PRESSURE!

Low Oil Pressure happens while on long Cruises.  Something occurred to your engine which increased oil consumption and you are unaware of it.  Most red lights in cars come on with zero pressure, but boats do NOT have a "LOW-OIL" light.   1st Alert will blink a RED Light telling you have 12 pounds of "Oil-Pressure."  Pull Power and  Check your oil level...You'll Save your engine.  No insurance company will pay replacement cost when "Lack-of-Oil" is the cause.







1st Alert  will also detect:   * Alternator Failure * Broken or slipping Belts * Leaky Diodes * Regulator failure

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                    Low Oil Detection $119.95    Elect System Failure $119.95          Both $199.95

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