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GE Halogen 12 Volt Lights below... are the ONLY lights AvTek has as a discount for our Pulse-Light (Pulsar) customers.

They are priced low when buying a pulsar...slightly higher for past AvTek customers...and REALLY expensive for non-customers, which is the price Ge sells them to me...Yes I sell them at a loss when buying a Pulsar. 2/$25       ($16.95 Past Customers  Proof Please)    $19.95 par-36 everyone else

 Halogen.jpg (111409 bytes)

Ge Halogen above draws 3.3 amps approved with our (DO NOT use w/Q-4509) regular Pulsar Beginning at ONLY $189.95 

This is the Quartz Q-4509 9.3 amps > < It's VERY bright but $$ (No Longer Stock)

Ok, Aviators. Do you want to Light the NIGHT like it was HIGH NOON!  Click here      AvTek did a Luminance Test Click

Quartz light is as bright as H-I-D, but  20 times less $ Money and NO Installation  Buy from Knots2U

Ge Halogen $19.95, Not $24.95.. $16.50 with Pulsar Purchase. with Pulsar (Ge Quartz in Par-36 ONLY) (Par-46 on request ONLY)

Look and compare the Ge Bulbs above to what is on your Aircraft, then PLEASE make your Purchase carefully.  Some are confused as to what "Large and Small" means, from the E-mails I get. So the follow should help: Large is BIGGER then Small. Large is on the left...Small is shown on the right-side above.  We do NOT stock or sell the Q-4509.

Not only will you want to use these Ge-Halogen lights at NIGHT, but you will NOW turn them ON for all your DAY-FLIGHTS.  Better to be Seen, then Felt!  

Webster's and from Ge's Engineering Handbook "Halogen" Lights definition:   

(One of a set of 5 physically and chemical nonmetallic elements including: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine)...

 Which  are then encapsulated inside a small glass bulb, with regular tungsten filaments.  This smaller bulb is then mounted in the center of the larger Vacuum glass envelope.  The result is a VERY bright light.  As it turns out the "Halogen" light is much more efficient in producing Luminance, candle-power.  So for the same amount of Candle-Power (C/p) "Halogen" lights need 1/2 the amount of amps. Remember...Current "or commonly" called amps creates HEAT.  More amps...more heat is generated.

Such as in the case of the V-Tail Beech Aircraft that have a Light in each wing... Your original light(s) from  the1950's draw 17.5 amps each,  that's 35 amps TOTAL.  I'll bet your "Lens-Covers" are deformed from the heat.  Your generator/alternator will not keep-up.  In-fact when you turn those two lights on you see a discharge on your panel Amp-Meter...But you already know this, don't you.  Well...

Replacement Halogen lights for your V-Tail draws only 3.3 amps ea. or 6.5 amps total. How-much C/p?  More Candle-Power then the all the Cessna, Mooney, or Piper Aircraft's Landing light.  Those aircraft have typically one light and that light produces 110,000 C/p which is very adequate to land at night.  The Par-36 H7604 has 100,000 c/p, however due to the White Light, it appears to be about 140,000 C/p.  The Par-46, H-7635 (Halogen) produces 160,000 C/p, (with the appearance of MORE). So,  Beach "V" Tails with one light in each wing, will have a Whopping total "320,000" C/p for ONLY 6.5 amps... This is FACT right from the Ge engineering hand-book.   Now...

Pulse those two Halogen lights with Pulsar, the net result will be 1/2 the amps as seen from your alternator, (RMS) Root Means Square, which is the reality from your alternators work load point-of-view.  So in the Pulse mode with Pulsar, your Beech alternator will deliver ONLY 3.3 amps to your TWO wing lights.  NOT 35 amps.  Wow!  Oh By the Way; close-Calls and Mid-Airs will be prevented when using Pulsar,

         Voltmeter and 3-Way Splitter. Discounted with AvTek Products...Also, Halogen discounted w/Pulsar

Additional  Info

MUST SEE THIS>>>  Take a F-18 Super-Sonic Flight   Mach-1 Vapor Shock-Wave at 75 feet MSL 

As an additional benefit less amps means the light bulb life is extended,10 times longer. Also, as it turns out Pulsing lights with Pulsar will make any bulb last up to 10 x's LONGER on top of the Long life from Halogen lights.  Really. 

Bonus from Halogen light is it's also a Bright/Whiter light.   Incandescent light appears to be "Yellowish" when compared side by side with Halogen lights. You may already realize this if someone driving a car equipped with Ge Halogen lights are "In Your Rear-View Mirror" at night.

 The current draw of only 3.3 amps is easier on your aircraft's Charging system as well. The lower wattage rating is because of the lower actual amperage going through the bulb, NOT  Lower Candle Power. 

So with Pulsar and GE Halogen lights as YOUR Mid-Air Prevention-kit, your charging system will never be over loaded and strained... While the Whiter/Brighter Halogen light will be seen in: Cloudy, or Night flights.  The Halogen light being much Whiter, will even be seen in Bright Sunny flying days sooner then the incandescent "Yellowish" Ge4509.   With Pulsar and Ge Halogen light(s) 200, 300  maybe 400 hours before burn-out are what AvTek's customers are telling us.

If you have the smaller bulb pictured above on Right-Side and it is 12 volts... order the:

Ge h-7604 (4 1/2").  If you have the larger bulb (Left-Side) order the h-7635 (5 3/4"). 

These Ge Lights are available nearly everywhere from $24.95 to $30 bucks.  I have them discounted here for AvTek's Customers. 

Should you only want the Halogen lights...No Problem, AvTek welcomes you to purchase here on line...right NOW at far less then any-where else. Then, If any-time in the future you decide that any AvTek products are right for you... PLEASE say you bought today and AvTek will give you MONEY back towards your purchase.

With Pulsar Ge Halogen are ONLY 2/$25...but PLEASE when using Order mention 2/$25, when ordering with Pulsar,  which is the best Mid-Air Collision Prevention.

                              No Refunds, No Returns on Ge Products. ..Do NOT ask...I lost money getting them to you

                 Additional lights $19.95.   Par-46 Ge Halogen lights are $28.95.  HID $550 Knots2U

DO NOT use the Q-4509.  This Quartz Bulb draws MORE amps then the Ge-4509 and is NOT Recommended with Regular Pulsar.  It is approved with Pulsar but the Q-4509 will increase the likely-hood of Pulsar repairs.  The Q-4509 runs HOTTER then the Halogen above and the incandescent 4509.

AvTek did a Luminance Test

Side By Side Test of the 4509, Halogen H-7604, H-I-D and Q-4509. The Q-4509 and the H-I-D were the same as being the "Best & Brightest."  The H-7604 came-in 2nd while the 4509 from the 1940's was the least brightness and the light was "Yellow".

Test environment was a dark country road, power supply holding a consent 13.8 volts and a grove of trees 1/3 mile away.  Judges were six NON-Pilots with no bias at all as to the test results.

1) 4509 barely hit the trees and no details could be observed, due to the "Yellowish light"

2) Halogen hit the trees, and details such as green leaves and branches were seen.  However the pattern was tight.

3) H-I-D hit the trees unlike Halogen, the H-I-D light-up the all the Trees and nests could be seen.  The light was Pure White

4) Q-4509 Hit all the Trees as with H-I-D but the light went further and beyond to houses 3/4 mile away, in a wider pattern, and a deer was seen in the field, not seen by the other lights.

But, the Q-4509 was the hottest of all four lights and caution was taken NOT to touch the glass, but then no-one was tempted to touch any of the glass bulbs.  The light was also Pure White.

All judges were asked to describe objects in the trees and to choose one light.  The Q-4509 was picked by all.

Allow me to interpret the Non-Pilot Judges unbiased observations:

1st Off...Throw all Ge-4509's technology from the 40's in the trash.  Then weight the following for what's best for you:

If price including $600 installation is NO factor, go for the H-I-D.  The sure POW-and Bragging Rights is for you. "You're the Man." When the H-I-D is 1st turned on (takes about 8 seconds to ignite) the "Arc" sounds like a jet engine.  Shocks everyone the 1st time they hear-it...It's indeed awesome to watch it start-up.

If Bragging is NOT your thing, but saving money equal to putting 285 gallons of Av-Gas at $3.50/gal in your plane's tanks all with the same, or GREATER Brightness as the H-I-D.  Then get the Q-4509.  But the heat and higher amperage over time may affect your wiring and battery/charging system.  This affect is very small when the landing light is used ONLY for NIGHT take-off and landings.  If you use the Q-4509 all the time on every tach hour day/night, then amperage and heat issues should be noted.

On the over-hand...if a Whiter, Brighter Light over the 4509 is your desire... and saving even more money than buying the Q-4509 and HUNDREDS of more HOURS... You should get the Ge-Halogen H-7604.  At 3.3 amps you can leave the light on day or night and sip amps from your charging system.

You have choices and AvTek has them all.

 Ge makes 28 volts Halogen light for G/a, which is Par 36. Q-4591. Buy from Aircraft Spruce.

Due to Ship'g rate increases, Shipping w/Credit Cards is $8.65, sent next day (2-day Priority). Shipping w/Checks is $6.65; after it Clears.

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