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Fresh Water Flush-Kit

Now you can Flush out your "Risers & Manifolds" while your boat is moored in the water just like the trailer boaters...

                        ....Even if your boats is 85 feet long.

2 1/4 shown Connect dock hose


Flushing out your Engines Manifolds and Risers of Salt-Water while the engine is still HOT while in the water at your slip will allow MANY more YEARS of service....

Salt Crystallizes on the side walls of your  Manifolds/Risers, after the engine "Cools" down which will form "Blockage" and Cardiac Failure the result is VERY COSTLY Surgical Repairs...  Most discover they have blocked Cooling Water out at Sea, and will be towed many miles back, just to spend Thousands in replacement parts.


                   Priced From $249 (1.5" up to 3")  Please specify your inlet hose size when ordering




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