Door-Seal Chart Matrix                        Click anyone below to see Photo of that Seal & how it works;

Ok, this chart might look confusing at 1st.  Within a minute or two you will find what Door-Seal is best for your Air-Plane.  We have 5 seals with 7 different kits...NOT just ONE Seal. And none of our Seals  will get  stepped on from getting & out of the door.

Why are General Aviation Aircraft Doors so difficult to seal?     Door-Seal Manual Install Page      Compare Door-Seals

                                                            The Matrix Chart below is all our Seals: - 01 thru - 05

        FAA-Part #    Use & Aircraft   2010 $ Price ↓$ increase NOT shown below  Features/results

       FAA Part # - 01


All our Door-Seal here, are installed on YOUR DOOR...

Aircraft door-gap is 3/32" or larger

   $129.95 or  Cessna's  2/$225...$35 off

Kitted-Price with either -02/-04 $129.95

Ear-Popping tight...

The BEST-SEAL, fills and SEALS gaps, but aircraft with <3/32" Gap, door may NOT Close.

        Air-Chamber" Seal

      FAA Part # - 02

Aircraft Gaps are greater than 3/32"              NOT   $129.95

       But $99.95 ea Door or 2/ $175

Air-Cushion Seal: Excellent for nearly ALL Aircraft.  Seals very good, except does NOT fill any gaps.
 Window & VERY tight fitting Door's FAA Part #  - 03 Aircraft Gaps are < 3/32" Paper-Thin Gaps, and windows             Window $39.95

                Doors $49.95

Excellent Seal in tight applications. Bad to worthless in large door gaps, such as Cherokees, V- Beech

Click This seal For an  Quick-Fix

           FAA-Part #  - 04

 Seal is treated to resist Mildew, mold, & tearing w/o the need of Plastic covers         $65..95...  Special Price


          Installs ON YOUR Door

  NEVER NEEDS repairs from being     stepped on.

All our Seals are installed on your door...You are Welcome J


ONLY $79.95

          Gap-Seal -05

           FAA-Part # - 05

Use-it to seal-out Rain-Wind- Cold on aircraft difficult gaps to seal...

Soon Aileron & Flaps STC


      Call  For Air-Seal & Gap-Seal Kit  

        Kit -02 & -05    price    $199.95

 Questions Please Call 1800/659-2800

Excellent; Push-on ...

5 minutes to install...Works with ALL Seals; even competitor's) seals that  installs on the airframe.

All Models, Perfect For Most::

   Air-Squeeze-Kit (Both -01 + -02)

Kitted with Squeeze-Out  Order this

Customer ask  if we could make a Seal-Kit using both Air-Seal -02 & -01 "Squeeze-Out"...Indeed, YES we can...          Please Click Here for info

   ONLY $129.95 Air-Squeeze-Kit  2/$225

Perfect for all, best of both seals, buy-it

You can purchase just the Seal you want from the  -01 thru -05 OR...Purchase the Kit's.  All Kits have the -01 "Squeeze-Out" included.

Why choose a kit with  the -01 "Squeeze-Out"?  If your door has large Gaps in the REAR or in the TOP or BOTTOM than only our -01 FILLS and SEALS those Gaps.  NONE of our other seals, or any of our competitors seals "Squeezes-Out" between the door and airframe.

If you think the -01 is UGLY then purchase one of our other seals: -02, -03, -04 they do not get "Squeezed-Out"  BUT as an engineer my job was to seal your door, and sometimes WARM, DRY and Less Noise is Beautiful...the seal may be ugly but the results are beautiful.  Just trim the trim as needed                       

                             Looking for the ONE Perfect Seal, Click    New Faster Install Time, No Trimming

                                                        THE VERY BEST, but it cost  more click  5 Minute Install

        Do the Following to determine which of our (5) seals and (8) different-kits is best for your aircraft

While no two doors are alike, therefore difficult for us to know from Seattle what seal is best for you.  Do the following and you will be able to determine which seal is BEST for you:

1) Remove the door and remove all seal the old Door-Seal Material.  With the Door Channel clean, re-install the Door and from inside close and Latch the door.
2) Look slowly for Gap's  from the inside and mark them with tape. 
3) you should see gaps at the rear top and bottom of the door, while tight fitting near the hinges

If you see Large Gaps then the "Air-Squeeze" Kit is the one to order...If you do not see any gaps at all or small gaps in one or two locations then either the -02 or -04 should be ordered.

                                    Our Best Kit is the -02 + -05...No Leaks Ever

OUR Warranty  is One Year, but expect 20 to 30 years of service life    

              Additional  Info       

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Door-Seal Info   Mid-Air Video Pulsar See Pulsing-Light Contact us
Air to Air Photo Aircraft Home Page Pulsar Manual StdBy Elect Door-Seal Manual Order Here

                               Looking for that... Perfect Door-Seal for all, best of both seals, Click Here                            

                                                            We have (5) Seals FAA-PMA Approved

            We are running about 3 days to1 week behind in shipping, sometimes more as groups orders are received.

I purchased the new door seal from AvTek/Aero-PMA-Parts AvTek2 com  for my PA28-235. I had the original seal and there was a big gap at the rear of the door that light, sound, and rain would come through.

 I had my mechanic do the installation. I helped with removing the old seal with solvent and scrubbing. The original installation took about 4 hours. He used the double sided tape as the primary adhesive. It did not hold on the bottom of the door and had to be replaced with a stronger glue. I believe he used Gorilla glue. This did the trick and the seal is now permanently in place.

 The entire door is now sealed and the original gap is non existent. I would recommend this “Squeeze-Out” seal for any PA28 model Cherokee.

Richard K. Malcolm


Thank you Richard...


Door-Seal Material that is installed on the Airframe Below is one of hundreds of email sent to us about our competitors seal  which is installed on the Airframe, NOT the Door. But the message below was posted in a Chat room for others to read.  Our customer posted it in a public forum, so we decided you would like to see it ... Remember, we have (5) seals to select from, NOT ONE like others.

Regards the competition:  I'd honestly have to say that the "other" door seal, with all it's promise and ease of installation, was a complete failure. Yes it installed easily but was so delicate that the first damage was within 15 minutes of installation. It's not reasonable to expect passengers, or even myself, to have to watch every movement of gear and self while entering or exiting the plane. The damage is easily created and the repair on minor help.

Quite honestly, the original door seal I installed back in 1986 was a better seal the day I removed it, to replace it with your competitors seal.

I'm looking forward to putting yours to the test within the next couple of weeks.

Good luck on this and your other ventures.

__________________________________________________________________Jim McDaniel...

Thank you Jim for your purchase and confidence in our product.

You & others should know the following:

The FAA has approved a plastic overlay covering to protect our competitors Fragile Seal from getting damaged due to foot traffic...but it is a "PRE". It  must be Removed Before Flight.  "PRE" is "Protection Removal Equipment" and MUST be printed in RED.  Similar to your wind-gust gear.


Comments from other customers:

Mike I oredered the -02 Fwd seal for the acft and what a difference it made. I have been installing door seals for years and this is the best one made yet.

I need to get the remainder of the acft finished now that I have faith in your prodcut. So I need enough for the rear door and rear cargo door of a Piper Sartaoga turbo charged 81 model 810kc. I belived you mentioned in you letter 29.95 for the rear just email and let me know how much it will cost for the rear and for the fwd storage also.

I am so happy with your product. I enjoy doing installs like this where you can really see and hear a great difference. If you need somebody to plug this for you I already have been to some of the fbo'S and some of my old customers to show them how excited I am about this simple but priceless doorseal.

 Thanks a Bunch Jim Taylor. Let me know the total and I will then process your credit card items.

Thank-You are welcomed in our humble aviation store anytime as a "Preferred-Customer"

Safe Travels Jim and Happy Contrails...

                        ...Mike J

Why are General Aviation Aircraft Doors so difficult to seal?

As many know... I (Mike Peter) also work at Boeing as an Engineer, and SEALING Doors is TOP priority.   Before any Boeing Product is released it MUST undergo "High-Blow" this is where the Aircraft while still in final-assembly is pressurized to levels that go beyond normal flight.  Every seam is subject to this "HIGH-PRESSURE".

Doors on any Jet-Liner, are heavy in comparison to Cessna/Piper/Beech all G/a aircraft...Boeing has two or more large JET engines to lift the extra weight of a heavy cabin door & of course the 250+ passengers....

...While General Aviation aircraft manufactures do not have the luxury of providing the lifting power of Jet Engines...Cessna, Piper and others General Aviation aircraft company's  must find areas to reduce weight at every & any opportunity to provide the needed lifting power. 

Your Cabin Door is one example of this sacrifice in weight.

Over years (30 now 50 years later)  G/a flimsy doors will flex and bend and no amount of shimming will correct this aging process. 

This is why I  have developed (5) Five different Door-Seals for YOU & your Family's Aircraft...because one door-seal choice is just not good enough for you and ONE Door-Seal design simply will not fit all doors. ....Mike Peter

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