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Customer Door Seal Install with Photos        Another  Owner that also had Door-Seal Problem

From: Robert Cioffi rcioffi@nyc.rr.com
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 10:28 PM
To: 'joshua.@
Subject: RE: Door Seal Photos and Update                  
Customer comments...some are Critical, we listen and changed

One of our callers (Josh) asked to speak with someone that already installed our seal...Bob Cioffi just happened to call that same day.  Bob was so pleased with our -02 Air-Chamber Door-Seal he offered the below photos and his recommendation.  Bob like 1000's of other aircraft owners had previously purchased our competitors seal and like 1000's of time in the past Bob told us of "brand-x"  failure. While we respect our customers privacy, we know that all Aviators respect each other privacy.

From Bob Cioffi: ......... Photos Courtesy of Bob Cioffi  Mooney Owner       Best Door-Seal-Kit        

 Yes, I recently installed the door seal that Mike sells

 I had previously installed another seal companies aircraft-door-seals, which is installed on the airframe instead of the door,  I was not at all happy with that seal – after installing it the cabin was actually noisier due to increased gaps all around the door where air was escaping.  To make matters worse I could not heat the cabin in the winter as all the warm air was being drawn out.

 I was considering alternatives and came across Mike’s site.  After some emails back and forth I decided on a combination of the 01 and 02 seals. 

 The seals arrived via priority mail and were professionally packaged with clear instructions.  Once I removed the old seal installation was straightforward.  The 01 seal was too thick for my door so I emailed Mike and he offered some alternatives.  I decided to add a third channel of the 02 seal which has worked out great.  What I really like about Mike’s offering is that he’ll work with you to get the door sealed right.

 Throughout the process Mike was extremely responsive to questions I had.  Both shipments he sent arrived within 3 days of me placing the order.

 Note that I am not affiliated with Mike or his company in any way – I found his site while searching on the Internet.  I suggested that he feel free to use me as a reference because he was a pleasure to do business with and I am a satisfied customer.

 Please feel free to contact me during the day at 203-719-4257 if you have any other questions.

                           ..... Best regards, Robert Cioffi

  3 Air-Chambers on top

   See; 2 chambers on side Only Mikes Seal allows this

Very Easy Professional install job by "Owner" a weekend mechanic just like YOU.  Bob Cioffi, did the install...so can you. Order here

  -02 Twin Air Chamber Seal Only $99.95 just $29.95 more get Best Door-Seal-Kit

Our –02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal will compress while aircraft is on the ground.  In flight as the Cabin Pressure increases pushing out the doors...

... our “Air-Chambers” expand and inflates filling the gaps. Other seals fail because they are ridged closed-cell foam rubber or bulbs that resemble "Air-Chambers"

Do not be fooled, No Other competitor Door-Seal has "Air-Chambers".  Air-Chambers is the secret, to  "Making-a-Better-Door-Seal"

                                  What do WE Recommend?  Buy the -02/-02 Twin AIR-CHAMBER

 For 97% of the aircraft...the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit is the BEST. $134.95 (-02 goes all around your door, then install the extra -02 ($10 more) on your "Airframe", Corners Top & Bottom.  The Air Chambers will meet and mesh-together like in a BMW, from the Door & Air-Frame

     ...We have many choices and kits to choose from, because no 2 doors are the same


  Click here for less confusion Door-Seal       Customer comments...some are Critical, we listen and changed


From...Jim Taylor.

Mike I ordered the -02 Fwd seal for the acft and what a difference it made. I have been installing door seals for years and this is the best one made yet.

I need to get the remainder of the acft finished now that I have faith in your product. So I need enough for the rear door and rear cargo door of a Piper Saratoga turbo charged 81 model 810kc. I believed you mentioned in you letter 29.95 for the rear just email and let me know how much it will cost for the rear and for the fwd storage also.

I am so happy with your product. I enjoy doing installs like this where you can really see and hear a great difference. If you need somebody to plug this for you I already have been to some of the fbo'S and some of my old customers to show them how excited I am about this simple but priceless doorseal.

 Thanks a Bunch Jim Taylor.


Below is another recent customer, and his comments...white print is from the customer

Hello Bill.  Please see below and…Thank you for your return business.

From: <insure@avsure.co.nz>

[Add to Address Book]

To: <avtek-mike@comcast.net>

Subject:  Re-Order-MORE Door-Seal

Date: Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:06:52 PM

[View Source]

Dear Mike

 Our last order arrived in a timely manner and I'd like additional kits for another two Cessna 172's i.e. four (4) doors USD 175.00 x 2 aircraft = USD 350.00 + (1) baggage door kit.

 My billing address and shipment address remains the same and please charge to the same credit card as for the earlier order and send by US mail.

  Do you want me to fill in another order on your website or will these instructions suffice?

 l Look forward to hearing from you.

 Kind Regards

Bill Beard


Private Bag 14

Ardmore Airport



Ph: +64 9 298 8206

Fax:+64 9 298 8218

Mob: 021 864 141

Residence +64 9 268 7543

Website: www.avsure.co.nz


             Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95


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