Air in the Chambers is why this door seal FINAL does work

                Air-Squeeze Kits $149.95...It's a GREAT Seal, but the -01 "Squeeze-Out" is NOT for everyone...Maybe 3%.  The other 97%

                      For 97% of the aircraft...get the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit...Please see below

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  ..."Ear-Popping" tight fit.  You may need to open a window to close your door...this Door-Seal is that GOOD!

The -01 "Squeeze-Out"  here is for LARGE Gaps  Trim the excess Squeeze-Out.

Ear-Popping Tightness... THIS Seal is for large Cargo Doors.  For most G/a GET this kit:

     ← -01 Squeeze-Out

   Use the -01 "Squeeze-Out" at the REAR of your Door at the Top & Bottom where the Gaps are the largest, NOT near the Hinges.

                 The -01 "Squeeze-OUT" can make your door to tight, and difficult to latch the door

                              Click Here for Customer Feedback and some are Frank and Honest un-edited

                                  What do WE Recommend?  Buy the -02/-02 Twin AIR-CHAMBER

 For 97% of the aircraft...the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit is the BEST. $134.95 (-02 goes all around your door, then install the extra -02 ($10 more) on your "Airframe", Corners Top & Bottom.  The Air Chambers will meet and mesh-together like in a BMW, from the Door & Air-Frame

     ...We have many choices and kits to choose from, because no 2 doors are the same

            -01/-02 $149.95 at same time and save $15 on s/h & time --- The -02/-02 is $129.95, just the -02 $99.95

          The "Air-Squeeze" Kit  $149.95 contains -01/-02; 31 feet total.      This Kit woks best for Cessna Cardinal's

  (Install Manual)

Here's MORE great idea's from our customers: If your Door-Gaps in the rear of your door are medium (Not Large enough for the -01) but still larger than normal...Get ONLY the -02 kit $99 and we will send enough seal  (26 Feet Total) so you can "Split" the Twin Air-Chambers into two halves and then make THREE-Air-Chambers from the extra seal material not needed near the hinges...

              < 3 Chambers wide...enough material to go 4 wide if need

Click Here to see how the -02 gets three Air-Cushion Chambers of Door-Seal found in European Luxury Cars.

One of the Twin-Air Chambers was cut & removed from the Seal-Material near the hinges and re-located to the rear of the door where the GAP'S are known to be larger in all aircraft, making a total of THREE (3) Air-Cushion-Chambers wide.

 However; if your Door-Gaps in the rear of your door  are very wide and they need to be filled...THEN only our -01 can do this job.  You can purchase this seal anytime in the future for ONLY $49.95...Ok, this has to be the fairest DEAL from any Door-Seal Company you agree?  And...

             You will NEVER step-on-it, because our seal is installed on your Door.

        line4.gif (2501 bytes)

            Comments from other customers:

Mike I oredered the -02 Fwd seal for the acft and what a difference it made. I have been installing door seals for years and this is the best one made yet.

I need to get the remainder of the acft finished now that I have faith in your prodcut. So I need enough for the rear door and rear cargo door of a Piper Sartaoga turbo charged 81 model 810kc. I belived you mentioned in you letter 29.95 for the rear just email and let me know how much it will cost for the rear and for the fwd storage also.

I am so happy with your product. I enjoy doing installs like this where you can really see and hear a great difference. If you need somebody to plug this for you I already have been to some of the fbo'S and some of my old customers to show them how excited I am about this simple but priceless doorseal.

 Thanks a Bunch Jim Taylor. Let me know the total and I will then process your credit card items.

Thank-You are welcomed in our humble aviation store anytime as a "Preferred-Customer"

Safe Travels Jim and Happy Contrails...

                        ...Mike J

 Below is just ONE of hundreds of our customers that bought our competitors door-seal that is installed on the airframe and gets stepped on... before the aircraft owner found our company...

This customer bought Twenty (20) kits and recently another (four) for their Fleet in the Caribbean...Please read:

 Jonathan Palmer


Aero  500 series




Used your seals before and am very happy with the results ...I can hear again in the cockpit while flying, I had your competitors seal before, I was not impressed.


I wish to order another 4 sets of seals for my "500 fleet".
Please return pricing for identical packages as previously bought from you ...I tried the seal from your competitor,
I love your seals! Thanks...

But from Seattle it is impossible for anyone to tell you what Seal Product you should buy, due to the widely different conditions.  Your aircraft door may have small gaps with a slight "Whistle".  While the same model parked next to you will have LARGE-GAPS in the Top & Bottom rear of the door.  All our Aircraft our Seals are NOW FAA-PMA-Approved for.  If one does NOT work in your door, don't Call 911, call us and we will discovery with you which of our (5) seals will be the best. Click here to see INSTALL Manual.

  Well we have many choices and kits to choose from. Please click here to continue your search...

 We would rather NOT accept your money, if we know you would later only regretted your buying decision  so...

Before calling for our recommendations, please look at our other pages...your door-sealing problems will be different than the aircraft tied down in the next hangar from you.      No two DOORS are the same and forget bending and twisting your door, that is simply bad advice....

You may ask, why do we mention our competitors seal?  Well; hundreds of you aircraft owners have told us that you wish someone would have warned them about our competitors seal before they that is why.  Besides we have five (5) seals including the same seal as brand-x our -04...get it for your Baggage Door.  No one walks through that door, $49.95...install it on your main door if you want.

...And so is installing any seal on your airframe Door-Sill, it will get stepped-on Click Here to see our Seal -01 & -02 Kit

                                 line4.gif (2501 bytes)  

 Pictured below is our -05 Door-Gap-Seal $129.95...This seal is slid onto the doors edge, starting at the top of your window... Click In-Flt Photo's

 ... and going on the top of door and rear, ending at the hinges on the bottom.  Buy both -05 shown below and here In Flt  and -02 Air Chamber installed on door channel...Both $199.00, saving $50

- 05 Gap Seals Click here The -05 works with your current seal, if it's still good, or use it with our -02

Thank you...AvTek engineering listens and then reinvents. 

                                      Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95