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These Kits have two separate and different seals in one Kit.  Our -01 Patent Pending "Squeeze-Out" Seal material Fills the gaps found in all doors at the Rear Top & Bottom of all aircraft doors.  While our -02 or -04 is a smaller seal material that is installed forward near the hinges where the Door-Gaps are the thinnest. 

 When 1st installed and the door is close and latch, the soft "Memory Cells" will form-fit to your door like a latex glove, thus forming a "Molded-Fit" around your door in 24 to 48 hours.  No two doors are identical, which is indeed the problem aircraft owners have with sealing them....

...What you end-up with, is a Door-Seal that is unique to ONLY your door. Our seal FITS only your door, by filling all the gaps

 These Kits contain the correct amount and thickness to Seal One Door $129.95 Or 2/$199.95  Cessna's:  Order one of each

                            Info on -02 Air-Chamber Seal             Info on -04 Seal         All Seal Matrix

                                                                Why are General Aviation Aircraft Doors so difficult to seal?

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