Aircraft Bonding & Grounding

 Do your Panel instruments "Bounce" Erratically?  Hum in the Headset?  Fuel and other gauges Fluctuate?

  IT'S YOUR GROUNDS...they have become CORRODED and several Ohms of Resistance has developed

                Have you ever said: I just replaced my Battery because it was turn the engine slowly?  

                Below are the causes and the locations Grounding Straps are installed...They are then Bonded

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                                                       Below is the Starter            Buy just the C/D ONLY $35


       After the Ground has been Bonded   Apply Sealant all included

   Below is the Kit components: Large Black Strap (Starter) Yellow Strap (Panel) Braided Strap (Battery)


...Software Power-Point... and Paper Manual

 The current (Amperage) must flow in the Positive and Negative wire equally. 

  When there is "RESISTANCE" at the "Grounds" due to Corrosion...and every Aluminum Aircraft 20 + years old will have spot Corrosion at the Panel Support Braces, this will create a "VOLTAGE-DROP".  Voltage drop on the "Ground-Side" will result in less Volts at your gauges then the original manufacture needs for them to operate...the result is intermittent read-outs.

Many troubleshoot the component and replace good working components with new good working components ONLY to have the problem remain or return shortly, because the joisting under the panel has temporality connected the grounds.

Another source of problems caused by POOR Groundings is: Slow Engine Starts...Have you ever said: I just replaced my Battery because it was turn the engine slowly?  Then you were convinced by someone to replace your Start...and the problem  remained or slight improvement?  Bad Grounds and NO Bonding...

                                  What is in the Kit   

            GROUNDINGS & BONDING them with AvTek's Kit  Only $149.95.... Buy just the C/D

                                       INTRO Price click     click HERE