AvTek’s Products are they worth the price?

Many of the IFR Pilots, who have taken the time to understand what makes AvTek product different, buy every-time.

AvTek unit’s have FAA-PMA’d approved parts. Why?

To ensure that AvTek’s product will NOT DAMAGE your: MOONEY, BEECH, PIPER, CESSNA. The FAA-MIDO Inspection Office controls AvTek.

That’s why I get every corner in my shop FAA inspected. 

Picture this:

It's solid IFR, you have Filed an IFR Plan and you are VFR on TOP.  Solid white fluffy layers well below you. The stereo is on in your head-set, then you realize for some-time you have NOT heard Center or any other Aircraft.  Sir;

YOU have a "Total Electrical Failure" DEAD IFR panel".  Remember, it's Solid IFR and STUFF like this happens. It could be Dark, at Night. That’s why you moved up from a C/152, so you can go when VFR Pilots stay put. You bet it's scary, but you have the chance to do something right NOW, that VFR Pilots won't think of doing. I apologize for the "Scary" Night-time Story, but well it's real and YOU know-it.  I'm providing INSURANCE, against what WILL happen.  BUT my Policy will save your life, not reimburse Money after your loss.

You Need AvTek's StdBy Elect Unit on Board.

AvTek uses FAA-PMA’d approved aircraft circuit breakers, "NO FUSES." Aircraft circuit breakers are the highest quality breakers available to Manufactures. This means they are reliable.   The thermal conductive properties of the Aircraft C/b are made from higher quality materials. And of course if it "POP’s" while IFR, you simply reset-it. Very Smart.

AvTek’s unit, also employees a Printed Circuit Board (P.C.B) that controls the recharge/discharge current to/from AvTek’s Lead Seal Acid Batteries. Not NiCad's (Memory Problems) or Gel Batteries, which are known for having contaminants, they will shorten battery life.  Are Batteries the best way to "Back-Up" your IFR Panel?  YES! Boeing 737 uses Battery's as a Back-up Elect System.

AvTek’s PCB will also blink a RED Led, when there is 5 Minuets of power left. I hope you are safely on the ground Taxiing when (IF) you see the RED blinking Led. At least you will have a 5-Min. warning.  AvTek’s customers that did a run down test, report that it takes up to 86 Minuets before the RED Led blinks, then you have 5 Minutes left.

AvTek will get you Safely Home. 

VoltMeter built-in. Carrying handle. Made from High impact ABS-Plastic. Start your Engine when the Aircraft Battery is Dead. Very stylish, compact, and attractive.  Not Big,  Yellow and Bulky.  AvTek's unit is Glossy Black, Look's Like an Aviation Product.  What Pilot would want a Big Yellow 35 pound Potential missile inside their aircraft.  AvTek's Unit weight's 8 pounds. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound AvTek's unit is the best solution to backing-up your DEAD IFR Panel.

Is it worth it?  Well, if you had an electrical failure while VFR No Problem, but IFR!  You would Gladly pay an extra $1,000 if I could somehow Beam-it-up to you.  Just like Car, boat, or airplane insurance: Your State Farm, or Avemco agent doesn't cover you if you do not BUY!..  So Click Here to StdBy Elect Order   NOW.  Less then 65 left, really. Click: Why Less then 65?

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The StdBy Elect Unit by AvTek: Sold Only to Aircraft Owners.

12 & 28 Volt.

Is it worth-it. Damn Right! Has been for 13 Years.  Nearly 2000 aircraft owners before you: Bought-it, have-it, fly with-it... can't pry-it out of their hands. 

Over 2000 sold and over 50 IFR saves since intro 1987… (253) 813-1455

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NEW *Great* Products Click VoltMeter & 3-Way Splitter. Discounted with AvTek Products

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