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Under-Water Lights... your family and friends will spend hours watching "Marine-Life" swim up from the deep and into the "Sea-Litez

Go figure, Fish come-up and follow the light.  Catch MORE, catch Bigger Fish all day.

Sale Price: $350 for TWO...Save $150, and $$ Thousands $$ from any other underwater light companies.

You will want two.  

  The Light-Show is amazing.  Replacement Halogen Lights are Less than $10 at Home Depot or Lowe's...

                                                    ....Get the Best, get the Max 35 watt. It's VERY Bright!

                                                                        No Thru Hull Holes

Pictured below is the  "Water-Tight" Halogen Light Bulb housing, mounted from at least 4 inches below the water line ..

All hardware needed is included in each  Sea-Litez  . Also interchangeable, Blue and Clear Lens. Your choice.

 Blue is pictured below.     No Thru Hull    Included On/Off Switch & RED  Blinking Led  to tell you  if the light is on during the day


                                                Our Sea-Litez (See Install) attach to the outside of your hull.       Red Blinking Led & On/Off Sw.

Install our Sea-Litez YOURSELF...  All Hardware is included at this incredible LOW...LOW Price

Our Stainless Screws NEVER penetrate Thru your Hull.  The screws are NOT long enough to go thru the hull.  The  wires pictured above are routed inside the boat above the waterline, similar to a "Transom Mounted" deep-finder transducer.  We provide a water tight cap which goes over the wires leading into the boat.  The results...No Leaks EVER!

On/Off Switch is provided, with RED-BLINKING light so you will be reminded your SeaLitez are on. During the day you will want to turn them OFF...Unless you are FISHING.  Go figure, Fish come-up and follow the light.  Catch MORE, catch Bigger Fish all day.

We recommend the Clear Lens, for both 20 & 35 W.  The Blue Lens blocks C/p (Candle-Power) and the 35 watt may be to hot for the Blue, which could distort the Blue-Lens...NEVER operate SeaLitez outside of the water, ONLY while boat is in the water.

                                            ... But the Blue light is COOL.  All kits come with both: Clear and Blue Lens.

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 Call 253/813-1455  Find out how little underwater lights can cost...Outside Seattle? Call 1800/770-3265

      In-fact we will pay you a reward for recommending others to us.  You will want to tell your friends, even if there was NO Reward.

 All Underwater Lights come with: On/Off Switch and Blinking RED Led...You do NOT want to drive home with your Water-Lights on. 

                    Only Sea-Litez Underwater Lights has this Warning Light, and we are THOUSANDS $$ Less.

                                                            One Year Warranty...But SeaLitez will last a Life Time.

 The Light-Show is amazing.  Fish and all sort of life swims in and out of the light pattern...

                                                                                            ....You'll get "Wows"  from your Yacht Club friends.

                                                                            GREAT for NIGHT Scuba-Diving.

 Sea-Litez One (1) $295... 2 fer $500>>>Remember...

No drilling 2" inch Holes Bottom of Boat...install yourself on your trailer..

                                ...or  Boat Yard Cradle.  Up to 60 foot Boats

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Marine-Life are attracted to the light;

Great Family entertainment, all from your Swim-Step.

NO Thru Hull Drilling 1 Hour Owner Install