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                   Please Use Dashes when entering credit card number.  

Such as 1234-4567-7890-2345 Because, this page is NOT read by computers J Mike

  Visa/M-c # > Exp   Credit Card Billing   Address if different than the other form

 Product Code "ONLY" issued for the Bonding/Ground-Kit Here

If Ship & billing address are the same please write here "Same"

                       Outside USA need not complete the address portion

Sorry no Am-Ex or Discover Card  (Save Credit Card Fees by sending M/o or Check)



Complete the following only if your Billing address is different than your Ship

    Address: Write Same above


State Zip   

  Outside USA need not complete the address portion

What are you Ordering & Qty? Enter it here>

               Please Enter the Price of the item $ Such as MOSFET Pulsar Single Light $295

 Need Shipping Insurance?  You MUST enter NO-Insurance here >>> Otherwise you will be charged

Credit Card Fees Apply, save by sending Checks call for info 1800/770-3265 send this complete form w/check or M/o

   FEES that are applied go directly to Credit Card Co which they deserve . 

  .....Processing Fees are the H, in S/h...for all companies you buy from.

  Send Check: No shipping Cost, No Fees (save ever rising fees & up to $19 in shipping) On Pulsar & Door-Seals. Total savings of $25 or more

  { If you send check, must add $6.65 for: Bulbs/Meters/Splitters.  Which is very little, you agree? }      Insurance? Add $7.50

                                               Refund Policy... Return Policy

                      To prevent 2-3 week delay, (I need Credit Card #) When sending Checks to guard against Bad-Checks.

Complete this form & Send w/check or M/o Pay:

                 to Mike Peter c/o AvTek. YOU save the high Bank Card fees, by sending checks.  This is for you, not me.

Send Checks to:

Mike Peter C/o AvTek

25230 45th Ave so.

Kent, Wa. 98032

                        NO Checks Please for items less than $125...

                         ...YOU simply will not save anything & I eliminate standing in line at the bank

For the most part I will need to build your Pulsar, or Door-Seal Kit anyway, so there will be no delay, unless you do not provide card # as back-up, I have received N/g checks. 

 I accept Checks as payment to HELP you save money $4.80 on every $100 in bank card fees ...otherwise I do not like checks as some have come to believe...and bank fees and other fees charged to merchants go up every year. 

                 Example: Your FREE Air-Mile Cards.  ALL Merchants pay a higher fee when customers use them...

                       I will NOT processes your card and deposit your check.  That's Fraud, and Stupid!

                                    Send NOW > By submitting you accept all our policies .

                          This is the Second Form. Please Submit Once. Thank You... J

   Now PLEASE Submit your Credit CARD, Thank-You...

May all your winds be Tail winds... 

                       Safe Travels.  Mike Peter   It's My Company, BUT you are MY BOSS. ....

                            ....I work at Boeing during the day; so I have many, MANY Bosses. 

           Small companies like AvTek are the company's providing you with PMA-Parts for the aging fleet, we (me) are NOT getting wealthy.

I respect and admire YOU the aircraft owner...You are not just a customer here at AvTek.

                   Just FOUR (3) more YEARS from 2008, then I'm FREE.  J

                             One Day I will travel all the air-shows and buy you your favorite beverage.

             line4.gif (2501 bytes)

   Thank-You for your order, you have made an excellent purchase. Michael (Mike) Peter

Need Shipping Insurance?   

When Ordering Ge Halogen(s) Please specify Which ones you want. H-7604 or H-7635 and How Many...(1) or (2) or more...No Refunds, No Returns on Ge Lights.  Or Voltmeters and 3-way Splitters   Refund Policy... Return Policy

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   ...... PROUDLY MADE at 25230-45TH Ave. SO. IN THE USA Kent, WA. 98032