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12 VOLT, Call, you'll save big $$$...And AvTek just might Save you, One IFR Day!

StdBy Electrical Unit, Scroll down     28 Volt Unit click here         Click Aircraft Destroyed While IFR.

Over 2,200 Sold 12v (NOT) $545;  Call <1800/570-3265> Scroll Down LOW Price $XXXX

 Over 2200 Have ordered and used every IFR Flying day somewhere in the World.

12 volt @ 7 amp hrs. (Led Blinks when 5-7 min. are Left)     28 volts @ 8amp hrs.

(Voltmeter in the center) Pictured Here is what both 12v & 28v looks like/Glossy Black.    StdBy Elect Unit Panel Pic.jpg (105046 bytes) 

(4" deep) (8" wide) ( 8" tall) Only 8 Lb. Powerful.... Picture above is a "Macro Close-Up" it appears larger then it actually is.  The actual size is about that of a Childs lunch box.

...Get the Best Protection Click Here1st_Alert_and_StdBy_Elec_Kit

 Weight Only 8 pounds {It's very Small} The case is Black Metal Flake Sparkle Texture.

    Click here StdBy Elect Info-Long wordy version or   StdBy_Elect_Info_Short_Version

I Prefer a Fax'd order, but please E-Mail me  in case the Fax Machine(s) fail to communicate, as A BACK-UP.

 When you call; YOU will GET The Absolutely LOWEST Price! StdBy Price & Order Form

                                 line4.gif (2501 bytes)

When you consider all that can fail in your electrical system,

Do you really want to fly into IMC without back-up  power on board?

 Aircraft Destroyed While IFR

NO handheld Radio can RE-Power your panel CALL and Click Here Price Order Form. TODAY!

 Single Engine I F R is NO Place for...  Call <1800/570-3265>, You'll Save $100's...

...Electrical Failure! 

I try hard to make the finest product's you can buy for your Aircraft.

  NEW Products...    Mikepic.tif (190051 bytes)Mike;    Friends FEW Units Left...Really!

 Click Here for the Lowest Prices ever...However, Sorry they may NOT available. Taking names for the pre-order wait list.

My Products are used all over the World.  Call 1800/570-3265. You'll save $100's...


Above; a recent product run... Usual build them ONE at a time.  I'm Pleased that IFR Pilots are returning to AvTek for a GREAT StdBy Elect Answer.  It's from referrals.

            Why are these units about to be Discontinued?

AvTek owns the Circuit Boards and all proprietary property in the StdBy Elect Units including the enclosure box.  However, AvTek does NOT own the "Mold"  which allows more "Plastic Enclosures" to be built. See above picture.  The mold is in China, and the estimate to build a NEW mold for us here is: $29,500.00...that's just for the "Mold".
The market for this product is very thin... only serious IFR Pilots.  No VFR Pilot has bought, even though AvTek believes they would greatly benefit by owning our product.  In 15 years AvTek has spent well over $80,000 in Advertising this product.
AvTek had over 2000 boxes since 1988.  We are down to less then 40, and each day fewer still.  I lowered the price to get these remaining IFR Emergence Elect Units into IFR aircraft.  Or they will disposed of and scrapped, to make room for new products.
When the last one is sold, this product will cease.  AvTek has many products including a NEW Nose-Gear Landing Light for Comanche's in the Spring of 2004.
All Designs and Engineering are owned by AvTek and any revival of this product would need AvTek's approval...
Thank you for your purchase.  Safe Travels in 2004.
 I continued to build them because I would get Pictures and stories from IFR Pilots that AvTek-Mike Saved...That's worth a lot to me.  Mike...

    Click here for Tech Info Long wordy version, or Click Here for StdBy_Elect_Info_Short_Version

Nothing to install; Plugs into your Cig. Lighter.  However; older (10 yrs) aircraft may have "Green-Corroded" Cig-lighters this is N/g (No Good).   Replacing them is best, or clean with 400 grit sandpaper until shiny new.

28 Volt Unit are ALL GONE...

BreakingNewsAvTek's 2,000 Unit was sold Sep 12, 2002...   Top Page

...but out of 2200 total StdBy units sold, approx 900 were 28 volts and someone in some chat room MIGHT be willing to sell theirs.  Most were sold to Mooney and Beech owners with about 300 hundred to Cessna owners.

If you find one and it needs to be Re-Manufactured, I will do that for $395.  You will end-up with a NEW Unit and all the latest up-grades.

Send me your picture and story (Like so Many Have) when my unit saves you and your family...

"AvTek's system enabled my wife and me to safely descend through a 700 foot ceiling and land, while re-powering my IFR ...

            Ward.tif (348345 bytes) StdBy Price & Order Form Here

...Panel for over 25 minutes after a total Electrical Failure.  Be assured I'll never fly without AvTek on board."

                    "Thanks AvTek for a good product"

                                                              ...Ward Graham, Lt.Col.Ret. USAF



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2003 4:31 AM
Subject: checklist for 12 volt standby
I recently purchased your 12v standby unit. I'm impressed with the unit, but honestly hope that I don't ever have to use it for its intended purpose (i.e., I don't relish the thought of [another] actual electrical system failure).
I would like your feedback on the attached document. I've made my own checklist as a sticker that goes on the unit. Feel free to pass this along to your customers if you find it helpful.

Keith A. Baird
(630) 325-5300
(630) 325-5309 fax


Lastly, I'd like to say; NOT all Pilots are as Smart as YOU.  Sure some Pilots think they are Chuck Yeager or something great. And they do NOT need AvTek's StdBy Elect. While other's will tell you a StdBy Elect System needs to be COMPLICATED, and must Spin... AND MUST be INSTALLED by a Mechanic. Hmmm...    Click StdBy_Price & Order Form.        New...TekLitez

Nearly 10,000 IFR Pilots have purchased Back-up Vacuum for $395 or more.  And it's nothing but a Knob in the panel and a Valve at your engines vacuum line. BUT, It works!  My Back-up Unit does MORE then StdBy. Someday it will START your engine, at a Remote Field.

 Your credit Card faxed order will hold a Place for you.  Payment by Check must follow, before shipping. Call 253/813-1455/or/1-800/570-3265 NOW! Click here to see AvTek's Service Department            Click StdBy_Price 

    MUST SEE THIS>>>  Take a F-18 Super-Sonic Flight   Mach-1 Vapor Shock-Wave at 75 feet MSL

      ... I'm always designing, Bring you NEW (Voltmeters) Products Just click here.

My Units are the BEST StdBy Elect Solution, currently out there. Up to you, I'd Order NOW!

Customer comments on AvTek's StdBy     Please send your Comments...Someday!

                                             Click StdBy_Price & Order_Form.

    Click here for Tech Info Long wordy version, or Click Here for StdBy_Elect_Info_Short_Version

        line3.gif (1636 bytes)

Below are comments e-mailed from customers:

 One of the unexpected elements of an electrical failure in my vintage of Cessna 210 is that the gear doors remain open (down) as electricity is required to operate the solenoid valves that close the gear doors. One set of doors when open clears the ground by only 2". Add to the scenario the absence of flaps and no way to know for sure if the gear is locked and that makes for too interesting of a landing. Thankfully I landed without incident, but I wouldn't want to have to do it again! Also, I was in Atlanta airspace when all the lights went out and it wasn't fun not having communication abilities in that airspace! I'm looking forward to the reassurance of a backup should I ever lose electric again! 

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 12:43 PM
From: kabaird@msn.com
Subject: AvTek-Mike, hello Keith, and...

Thank you Keith for your purchase...

I have already ordered the materials needed and will begin the build process today.
Safe travels...You have made an excellent decision for you and your Family's Flying Safety.
1983 <20 YEAR> 2003
AvTek 253/813-1455
      Mike Peter
25230-45th Ave. So.
Kent, WA. 98032
Thanks Mike...
             line3.gif (1636 bytes)

Below is another E-mail received Aug. 14 2002.  C/210 Owner...

Thanks for asking.  I received the unit and let it charge overnight.  The
following day I did both a ground test and then a VMC/VFR flight test.  I
tested the unit for 10 minutes on the ground and it worked as advertised.
in-flight test was for 30 minutes with the master power secured, and all
electrical equipment off with the exception of one NAV/COMM (GX60 GPS/VHF
COMM).  After 30 minutes, I tried to lower the landing gear.... Once the gear indicated down
and locked, I raised the gear and considered the flight check a success.

The appearance of the box fine.  The manual was very understandable.  And
finally, yes, I'd recommend the AvTek's StdBy Elect to anyone who flys a
single alternator/voltage regulator aircraft.

s/Rod Davis
757 236-0108

            line3.gif (1636 bytes)

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 2:45 PM
Subject: AVTEK 2

Hi Mike,

Back-up alternator works great.  Flaps use causes it to short the Cigarette lighter fuse but other then that it works great.


Pastor Ben Tankard

line3.gif (1636 bytes)

NEW *Great* Products Click VoltMeter & 3-Way Splitter. Discounted with AvTek Products

All of my Circuit Boards  are made right here in Seattle.   Which uses FAA-PMA Approved parts. The finished product looks, and feel s like an Aviation product.  NOT Big, bulky, and painted Yellow with jumper cables on the side.  For more Information click StdBy Elec Unit_info... or scroll up to the top of page.  (Led Blinks when 5 min. are Left)  At least you'll have a warning.  I hope you are taxiing after your ILS landing when you see it Blink.

      Click Here to see 28 Volt C/P210 Owner Picture.

These VoltMetersStdBy Meter 3-way.jpg (82043 bytes) Are Cool

You Can Plug Your StdBy Unit into the meter as you Fly.  It keeps the unit "Charged" and Digital Meter lets you SEE Problems as then happen. The Meter is Plugged into your Cigarette Lighter.         Click StdBy_Price & Order_Form.

Money Orders, Cashiers... (Visa, M-c Has (Large) fees, that will apply.)

You'll Save by sending Checks M/o's; (Click here form) Pay TO:

                     AvTek C/o  Mike Peter;    Fax your Order to Hold one

PROUDLY MADE at.... 25230- 45TH Ave. SO. IN THE USA Kent, WA. 98032  Send Payment to.

                       (PLEASE KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS)    Click StdBy_Price & Order_Form.

                                    (253) 813-1455    (253) 850-7978 FAX

* FAA Requires Back-Up Battery System for IFR Part 135 Operators. AvTek StdBy Sys Complies with the Ruling. The  Part 135 Operator must Field Approve the installation.  AvTek’s units are sold as a "Portable Installation."

    Important !!         NO Field Approval Needed for Part 91 operation’s.                Important !!

For a Copy of this Order Form:  JUST CLICK PRINT   at THE TOP of YOUR SCREEN, or: File Print/Selection

                    Click Here All Tech StdBy_Info        Click Here to see C/P210 Owner Picture.    

          Click Here for customers. Customer comments                         StdBy_Price & Order_Form

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