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H. I. D. ( High Intensity Discharge click) NOW  nearly all General Aviation Aircraft...Will Light up the NIGHT!!

Click Pic to see 

                                                        H-I-D Buy here at AvTek ONLY $525 w/Pulsar.

    ONLY Pulse-Light That can Pulse H-I-D's is.... AvTek's Pulsar         

Pulsar's design allows both "Resistive and Inductive" circuits to be Pulsed.  Competition can ONLY Pulse...Resistive-Loads.

 H-I-D is an Inductive load. AvTek's Pulsar is the ONLY Pulsing-Light that has this design...from the very beginning 20 years ago.  Resistive Loads would be Ge Filament Landing Lights such as the 4509.  Inductive Loads are for an example; your refrigerator, or furnace.   Another example is H-I-D's ( "High Intensity Discharge") because there is NO Filaments, there is a inductor ballast that fires the igniter, which creates the "Arc" of Electrons.  Other Pulse-Light's just can-not fire up the inductor. ...Up-Date April 2008, apparently other Pulse-Lights can NOW Pulse H-I-D's.

            Pulsar for H.I.D is $295.95 Order one NOW  Single speed ONLY...due to the Brightness and duty cycle.

 Excusive and frequent Pulsing the H-I-D Ballast may be cause  for premature failure of the Sylvania Osram Ballast...Pulsar will NEVER fail.

                                                        Add $30 for Behind the Panel Mount.

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