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Panel Meter...

Below Left meter will tell you at a glance:         

 The Volts; Amperage from your batteries.  The Meter on the Right tells you when the Ships battery(s) will be DEAD...    

$199               $149      

Boaters will know when to start the engine when anchoring. Aircraft owners will know when the IFR Panel will go DEAD

                Both meters are useful..... knowing when the Elect Power will END.

                                                        Sold together or separately.       

                                                                                Click here for Home Page


Panel Fitting & Dimensions: Locate the meter's Bezel front  to match your desired location attach with screws provided. Then snap locate the meter to the Bezel from behind.  Overall dimension: 2 1/2 " long x 1 1/8" high.     

                                                        Cut-out: 1 7/8" Long x 7/8"  High



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