AvTek's Pulsar Customer, Ed Oppermann, sent these Photos of his previous C/172. Video Camcorder captured moments after a Mid-Air Collision occurred. Yes Ed's inside. He did NOT have Pulsar, then.  Ed Purchased a Pulsar for His NEW Plane below.  Thank you Ed...


Below: Safely On the Ground, Ed examines the Cockpit.... 

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From: OppermannhK@aol.com [mailto:OppermannhK@aol.com]

Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 8:14 AM

To: Peter, Michael J

Subject: very pleased

Hi Mike,

Have you ever bought a product at a fair price which installed and worked better than promised.... I finally did, your pulsar unit.

I am very impressed and highly recommend it. I feel as you do that visibility is everything to help avoid a midair collision.

I know...been there, done that, Ed  (here are photos of my previous plane)

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Hi Mike,
I bought your pulsar unit several weeks ago, and I am still very pleased.

As for the mid-air, which occurred 11-26-00 over Katy Texas,
I was asleep in the right seat of my 172 and a pilot friend was flying.

A 150 collided with us, his right wing broke free and he was fatally injured as his plane fell onto Interstate 10. His right wing pulled my right landing gear out of my plane and his propeller cut the outer 7 feet of my right wing loose and it buckled under. The impact was like turbulence, and not very loud. The ensuing spin was more dramatic to me.

I awoke and flew. 3 spins and 14 minutes later we landed. My 172 was not totaled and is probably flying again now. 2 hunters were in a field below us and they were making a video of their bird hunting and looked up. I have that 7 foot piece of wing in my hanger now and I look at it before every flight.

I hope my thoughts help you to be an even better pilot, Ed Oppermann
(This is my "pulsar equipped" plane !!)

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