NEW  Q-4509 both  12 & 28 Volts  4 Times Brighter then the Ge4509, in-fact Quartz is as bright as H-I-D.. Hundreds of hrs.... 1st scroll down...You just got' a see this.

1-HID Light.jpg (28325 bytes)...

                                                        Click here for HID Info   MOSFET's Pulsar

 Look Below. Normal Ge 4509 Landing "Nose" Light.  The Left side light is Ge Halogen...The Right Side is 4509.

 Two Frames below is Q-4509. turned on w/all other lights on.  . ...Go Below, there's More. (Note 4 lights in all) Q-4509 is on the Nose Gear strut.

2-Norm1-Halo.jpg (38512 bytes)

Above Cherokee has 3-Lights Turned on.  Center and Right light is Normal 4509.   The Left Wing-Light is a Par36 Ge Halogen Light.  

                            Below; All FOUR (4) Lights are turned ON!  

 NEW Q-4509. is so Bright it Blows away the other (3) lights that are all ON!  (4) Four Lights are on below...

The 4509 in the center, is ON but completely blocked-out by the Q-4509 brightness.  Remember the Q-4509 is temporally  mounted to the Nose-Gear Strut.  The Left Halogen is actually brighter then the light in the light in the Right.

                                     The turned-on 4509 in the Front  Nose-Bowl can NOT be seen at all.    Piper Chieftain getting a NEW Door Seal

.All 3-Lights.jpg (41731 bytes)

This above Picture shows the NEW  Q-4509. Overwhelming the other THREE (3) VERY Bright Landing Lights; WOW!!...

Yes Sir they are indeed this awesome and  VERY BRIGHT!   You'll get Years of Life.  ...providing Light as close to that of DAYLIGHT

  Price  $37....                        Did You Say,( Pulse-Lights, Fast/Slow?)

    Click $19.95 halogen lights. Go Back to Ge Light Page, for less expensive Halogen Lights

Can YOU Just Imagine PULSING This Awesome Light?     YES!     Click-it, Secure those Sunglasses!

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