AvTek is a One Man Store. And our Service Department just does NOT have enough Business. So I may NOT be able to Repair Pulsar in a timely fashion, so try to get your Pulsar repaired at the same shops you use for your other Electronics' in your panel.  Up-Grade to Pulsar H/D (Heavy-Duty) is the best way to go.

Here's what our service Man say's he'll be doing...

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AvTek's Customers JUST do NOT spend money in the repair shop.    So we closed the service dept

AvTek NO-LONGER repairs Pulsar's OUT-of-Warranty...well I will, but I work full-time at Boeing, Engineer 737

                        So, if you need service please click here.

AvTek for an example sells a lot of Pulsars. Over 3,400... Maybe more then anyone else.  Also;

1st Alerts, and in September 2002 sold OUR 2,200 StdBy Elect Unit.  NEW Products? You Bet!

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