The very BEST Seal-Kit;

Door Seal Confused?  Don't's easy.  The -02 Air-Chamber is all you will need...well unless you have wider gaps in the rear, then just $29.95 extra.

Get the $99.95 -02 Air-Chamber is prefect for all aircraft doors.  If after you receive our -02 seal you discover that the gaps in the rear of your door are still to large and need to be filled...then for just $29.95 more get the -01.  We have other seals but this is the #1 of all seals.

  Just $99...Customer doors with our seal

Or save s/h and buy the -01/-02 kit if you see daylight from inside looking out...ONLY the -01 fills the Gaps

When you consider that Cessna, Piper, Beech, Mooney doors-seal from the manufacture are all $129.95 to $159 per door.... and they do not fill & seal the gaps, or supply any glue, our seals are a bargain.



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