Best Door-Seal-Kit

 "Best Door-Seal Kit"

  Sold separately: $199.95 Kit Price ONLY  $134.95   Ask for the -02 Door & Frame Kit when ordering

                Like European Sport Cars, Air Seal on the Door & On The Frame, they meet & Mesh Forming a PERFECT Seal

The $124.95 -02 Twin Air-Chamber seal measured just over 24 feet when the chambers are separated.  This seal -02 works perfect in 100% of the aircraft, all by it's-self...You will only need one Chamber near the hinges, while two or three -02 chambers in other locations on your door.  The one Air-Chamber removed from near the hinges with a razor blade is re-located where 3 chambers are needed.

 If your door has gaps larger in the rear of the door, TOP & BOTTOM, then add 5 feet of the -01 for only $29.95 more this then allows you to have all the seal material on hand the day you apply the Door-Seal.    

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