Door-Gap Seal Page...

Pictured below is NOT our "Squeeze-Out" Seal... Below Seal is recommended to be used with this smaller seal

                                                      Back 5-Door-Seals

                                            Comes in  Black...also paint  to match your planes color.

Notice the embedded Spring-Steel reinforcement webbing.  It allows the seal-flap to be adjusted & angled to "Hug" & cover all Gaps.

  Door-Gap Seal

Below...Door Closes easy from inside.  No slamming, pulling and MOST important our Seal is on the Door, it will never get damaged.

The "Spring-Steel" reinforcement channel has "Gripper" teeth to hold firmly in place.  And when your door is closed the seal is pinched between the airframe.  You can not pull the seal out when the door is closed...however applying adhesive into the channel is recommended.

Kit Price for BOTH Smaller Seal & Gap Seal ...

Thank you...AvTek engineering listens and then reinvents.

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