"Best Door-Seal Kit"

  Sold separately: $199.95 Kit Price ONLY  $134.95 (2010 price)  Ask for the -02/-02 Door & Frame Kit when ordering

                Like European Sport Cars, Air Seal on the Door & On The Frame, they Meet & Mesh Forming a PERFECT Seal

                Sold separately: $199.95                        Kit Price $134.95  Ask for the -02 Door/Frame Kit when ordering


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 The -02 Air-Chambers on both the Door & on the Door-Jam work together...compressing and expanding as your door does.

-02 on the Door & airframe→ 

 Install  (1 or 2) Air- Chambers on the ↑ Door all the way around, then Install ONE -02 Air Chamber on the Airframe ↑ Door-Way

                Do-NOT install the -02 Air Seal on the bottom of the Door-Entry Way...The seal will get damaged from foot traffic

The BEST Aircraft Door-Seal Kit  

Customer comments...some are Critical,


 The results will be a COMPLETELY-WATER  tight fit ...Look → 

So when the Door is closed and latched the Air Chambers on both the sides (door/frame) will seal firmly against each other.

             They compress on the ground...expand in flight, like a BMW on the Auto Baum

    Click here for less confusion Door-Seal →      Customer comments...some are Critical, we listen and changed

                                                        Ask for the -02 Door/Frame Kit when ordering

                      This NEW Kit is FAA-PMA-Approved         for ALL General Aviation Aircraft  

                               What do WE Recommend?  Buy the -02/-02 Twin AIR-CHAMBER

 For 97% of the aircraft...the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit is the BEST. $134.95 (-02 goes all around your door, then install the extra -02 ($10 more) on your "Airframe", Corners Top & Bottom.  The Air Chambers will meet and mesh-together like in a BMW, from the Door & Air-Frame

     ...We have many choices and kits to choose from, because no 2 doors are the same

                                                                                                                       ....If you have tried others Door-Seals and they failed... Our combination Door Seal Kits, will NOT disappoint you.  NOW recommended by Mechanics, Customers over all other seals

 The -02 Air-Chambers on both the Door & on the Door-Jam work together...compressing and expanding as your door does. 

                        Wind & Rain is driven into the cabin from the TOP...NOT from the bottom of the door.

  Bonus...if you are careful and do NOT waste any material, you will have enough to do your Baggage Door...$49.95 savings

From: B. Dalton [mailto:wphealth@embarqmail.com]
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 7:03 AM
To: Peter, Michael J
Subject: RE: Hello and Thank you for your Door-Seal Purchase, Mike Peter.


 This is in response to your request for comment concerning your door seals. I installed your seals in my 1988 Mooney 201. In short, the wind noise is gone! My aircraft mechanics had little trouble installing the seals and did review the information you have on your website and instructions that came with the seals. When I suggested that they install the seals without removing the door, their response was that was the only way to get good results. Cleaning all the old adhesive from the door is a must. My only concern is that the seals do stick to the door frame when the door is not opened for several weeks, especially in hot weather. I used to put a silicon dressing on my old seals (your competitor seal) to prevent this.  I now longer have that problem.

I’m not sure when I saw your advertisement for the seals but think it might have been in the MAPA Log. I have since noticed it in several other publications. I have no suggestions as to the value of advertisement. I think most owners will go to the web to get some answers. Otherwise, I suggest you find some way to get to all A&E folks out there. They see every aircraft at least once a year and their suggestions concerning seal replacement would probably have more weight than all the copy I all the magazines.

Congratulations on an excellent (so far) product. It performs as advertised.

 B. A. Dalton, MD


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Dale Hughes


1981 PA28RT201




Don't remember....Trade A Plane, Maybe ?


I put the door seal(s) on my Arrow. I loved the ease of installation. I promised I'd send some pictures. I did the install a few weeks ago but haven't even started the engine. I may want to install another chamber. Let me know your new email address and I'll send the pics. Are you going to Osh Kosh? I've scheduled the week off and my wife has published "The Pilot Alphabet" for kids. She'll be there as well. 
Dale Hughes