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  1-HID Light.jpg (28325 bytes) SpeedSelect STC'd   Pulsar "Pulsing-Lights"

STC'd   Pulsar "Pulsing-Lights" info From...$189.95 Also Get GE Halogen at 1/2 OFF  Pulse Your H-I-D's   iso9000 new.GIF (4008 bytes)

BREAKING NEWS  Pulse-Light BREAK-Through MOSFET 2010 Newest Technology in switching high amps

PLEASE consider the VALUE of Pulsing your BRIGHT landing light...Your Family's safety just might be at risk.

Already own a Pulsar...Pulse-Light and maybe need repairs? Here >> Up-Grade to a more powerful Never need repairs Pulsar

........ NO-MORE Clicking Noise! >> P-Channel Power MOSFET Technology will be used in all Electronics'

        GOT; Door-SEAL     Click  Door-Seal Easy Page Here   

            Problem    Please "Start Your Door-Seal Search Here  LOOK ® Customer Door Seal Install with Photos

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Jonathan Palmer Owner Mustique Airways    Click here Jonathans Seal $129.95               

We are Less expensive with more Choices  >> In-Flight look at Door-Seal Air to Air Photo     Customer Comments unedited

ET Joshua Airport Kingstown St. Vincent & Grenadines

“We have over 20 aircraft from Cessna’s, Piper’s to Aero Commanders” I have tried every door-seal, even the Seal that installs on the Airframe (Passengers step-on-it)…None Worked until we installed the Aero-Pma-Parts Door-Seal…”I can finally hear in the cockpit & dry with no wind-inside: Everyone Should Buy this Door Seal   .... Jonathan Palmer CEO

"Ear-Popping"  Tight Fit;  You may have to open a window to close the door...this Door-Seal is that GOOD!

 Piper Chieftain getting a NEW Door-Seal        FAA-PMA-Approved...   

Comments from other customers:

Mike I ordered the -02 Fwd seal for the acft and what a difference it made. I have been installing door seals for years and this is the best one made yet.

I need to get the remainder of the acft finished now that I have faith in your products. So I need enough for the rear door and rear cargo door of a Piper Saratoga turbo charged 81 model 810kc. I believed you mentioned in you letter 29.95 for the rear just email and let me know how much it will cost for the rear and for the fwd storage also.

I am so happy with your product. I enjoy doing installs like this where you can really see and hear a great difference. If you need somebody to plug this for you I already have been to some of the fbo'S and some of my old customers to show them how excited I am about this simple but priceless doorseal.

 Thanks a Bunch Jim Taylor. Let me know the total and I will then process your credit card items.

Thank-You James...you are welcomed in our humble aviation store anytime as a "Preferred-Customer"

Safe Travels Jim and Happy Contrails...

Why are General Aviation Aircraft Doors so difficult to seal?       In-Flight look at Door-Seal Air to Air Photo

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Click Here's what's NEW  >>    NOW know how much time; before your Battery is DEAD

StdBy Elect Unit Panel Pic.jpg (105046 bytes)StdBy Elect- 12 VOLT... AvTek...

Four Left & I'm taking ONE (1) ...ALL 2200 SOLD:  Three 12 Volt Left as of Dec 11 2006...ALL GONE

ALL SOLD  BUT... Click here and we'll show how to get one...I might sell mine, I sold my plane to support this company...Hey Flying GOT real expensive lately...have you noticed?

                                Kit's From $75 Baggage $49        Window & Door-Seal from $39.95   

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1st Alert (Warns of any Elect Failure),     New from AvTek 

 1st Alert Now Plugs into Your Cig Lighter, NO install

STC 150-05-280

     Quality meter, that beats our $199.95 Bench-Meter.   How Much? FREE maybe...

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Pulsar Pulses your Nose or   WingTips By:Tracy o'Brien.   FAA-STC-PMA

            Pulsar STC Here       



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                                    Please Call us at 1800/770-3265...

However, just like other internet companies we are pleased when you can place your order online, but we also know sometimes you just need to talk...and I promise you this:

    Your call will NEVER be answered by someone on the other side of the Planet.  We Speak ONLY Aviation here.


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