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Pulsar..Pulse-Lights; Since the 1980's W/ Speed Thousands Sold.

 Only Pulsar by; AvTek has  Built-In Select Speed/Select:

1-HID Light.jpg (28325 bytes)Pulses your Nose or   WingTips
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     (BONUS: GE Click halogen lights 12 volt lights Everywhere $25 ea. AvTek $19.95 2/$25 bucks w/Pulsar

Pulsar The Following is from the CPA Cessna Pilots Assoc...By far where most of AvTek Products are purchased.


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Price, Information, and Manuals for StdBy Elect Unit are in the table's Below

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2000 StdBy Sold Sep 12th 2002 Is AvTek's StdBy Unit Worth-it? Click  Read before Buying
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MUST SEE THIS>>>  Take a F-18 Super-Sonic Flight   Mach-1 Vapor Shock-Wave at 75 feet MSL  AvTek-Mike Loves the USA and Military...I'm a Nam-Vet Aviator. 

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Actual Audio from the Osk Tower.  Listen-in.  One FAA Controller is loosing his Voice, and how calm they are when a Cessna Nearly "Touch Down On Top of Another on the Right".

    Clearly the Right Place for Pulsar...

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All AvTek products are assembled in Kent, WA. USA by a Pilot.  You should think this is GOOD.   Because if any product should ever fail to satisfy you, call me: I speak your language.

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