Aircraft Door-Seals that Finally Works... 

             Air in the Chambers is why this door seal FINAL does work

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   Aircraft Door-Seal comparison...Side by Side    Customer comments...some are Critical, we listen and changed

 Black (-02) Air-Chamber Seal is an excellent Door-Seal found in European Cars...Please understand we are trying to help you get the last door-seal you will ever need...and BEST of all; your mechanic will never step on-it.


Customer Door Seal Install with Photos         Best Door-Seal-Kit 

Above Left Black -02 Seal is a good base seal.  You may want to add our -01 seal pictured below if your Door-Gaps are wide in the rear TOP & BOTTOM areas of your door.                        Another Aircraft Door,

                             Click Here for Customer Feedback and some are Frank and Honest un-edited

             You can buy it for the whole door $124.95  

This -02 Air-Chamber Seal  is for small tight fitting doors near the hinges.   Or buy the Air-Squeeze-Kit which has the -01 below  "Squeeze-Out-Kit"  included for  Large Gaps in the rear + 02, best of both seals, Only $29.95 more.

                                 The "Air-Squeeze" $149.95 Kit contains 31 feet total.  The -01 Squeeze-Out is 5 feet use-it in the rear of door, while the -02 Twin Air-Chamber has 26 feet single, 13 feet twin Chambers, use the -02 all around your door.  The two seals are not over-lapped, instead they are butt-ended up against each other to work together providing you with an... Ear-Popping Tight Fit...Yes Sir, this kit is that good.


                            What do WE Recommend?  Buy the -02/-02 Twin AIR-CHAMBER

 For 97% of the aircraft...the -02/-02 Door/Airframe Kit is the BEST. $99.95 (-02 goes all around your door, then install the extra -02 ($29.95 more) on your "Airframe", Corners Top & Bottom.  The Air Chambers will meet and mesh-together like in a BMW, from the Door & Air-Frame

     ...We have many choices and kits to choose from, because no 2 doors are the same

 Use the -01 "Squeeze-Out" at the REAR of your Door at the Top & Bottom where the Gaps are the largest, NOT near the Hinges.

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Dale Hughes


1981 PA28RT201



Don't remember...Trade A Plane Maybe ?

I put the door seal(s) on my Arrow. I loved the ease of installation. I promised I'd send some pictures. I did the install a few weeks ago but haven't even started the engine. I may want to install another chamber. Let me know your new email address and I'll send the pics. Are you going to Osh Kosh? I've scheduled the week off and my wife has published "The Pilot Alphabet" for kids. She'll be there as well. 
Dale Hughes

            - 05 Gap  Seals Click here The -05 works with your current seal, if it's still good, or use it with our -02

                         Thank you...AvTek engineering listens and then reinvents. 

                                                 Buy the -02 Twin-Air Chamber Seal Kit Only $99.95