Electrical Failures While IFR, are  DANGEROUS!

     Beechcraft Destroyed, Pilot Survives...Barely.

Dr. Russ Hackler; AvTek's StdBy Customer in an attempt to help other IFR Pilots; sent us these photos.  He had a Total Electrical Failure. Many months later Russ bought a different Beech and also AvTek's Unit.  Read below...

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                                                                                            Thank you Russ...

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I apologize for the "Scary" Night-time Stories, but well it's real and YOU know-it.  AvTek is SELLING...

  INSURANCE, against what WILL happen.  BUT my Policy will save your life, not reimburse Money after your loss.  Come-on ONLY $295, For over 1 HOUR of Reliable IFR Electrical Power, and your might say NO?

Total Elect Failure happens without warning     Gwen.gif (44073 bytes) Click Picture; Click Aircraft Destroyed While IFR

Look Here... One of many (50+) IFR Pilots AvTek have saved:

"AvTek's system enabled my wife and me to safely descend through a 700 foot ceiling and land, while re-powering my IFR ...

            Ward.tif (348345 bytes) NEW Products

...Panel for over 25 minutes after a total Electrical Failure.  Be assured I'll never fly without AvTek on board."

                    "Thanks AvTek for a good product"

                                                              ...Ward Graham, Lt.Col.Ret. USAF

AvTek is committed to Make Aviation a "Safer Place"...  At an affordable Price. 

                                                                                    ...Unfortunately; only a few units remain. WHY? Click Here

NEW *Great* Products Click VoltMeter & 3-Way Splitter. Discounted with AvTek Products

These VoltMetersStdBy & Meter.jpg (97725 bytes) Are Cool

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