Aircraft Bonding & Grounding

                                                           NEW Product

                Aircraft Manufactures did NOT begin to Bond and Ground the Aluminum Frame until 2001

               Your 1960 to 1988 Aluminum Aircraft has problems TODAY, and you do NOT know-it.

AvTek LLC, 25 Years
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          Does your Panel Instruments Bounce and become erratic?

             Does your Starter turn your Engine SLOWLY and you have a new fully charged battery?

                     Do you see an ugly corroded Battery Posts soon after you clean the Post?


avtek bonding/grounding kit

Posted by fred scholz (0457) on April 3, 2009, 5:03 pm

installed my kit on my 79 Archer II last week. flew yesterday , radio noises gone, steady gas gauges, starter turned well. Instructions were good. Mike is onto something here. Thanks Mike ...Thanks Fred.

                              These are symptoms of BAD Ground/Bonds

 Your aircraft operates on D/c Direct/Current...Aluminum is a perfect metal for "Anode/Cathode" environment. Corrosion loves  The Cathode side which is the Airframe Negative-Side of the Battery Current Flow.

 The Negative side where corrosion develops creates "Resistance" this resistor on the ground  can be anywhere from 1 Ohm to Infinity...This resistor creates a "Voltage-Drop" which shows up as Intermittent Radios and other Panel Gages.

 When the Resistive Corrosion is developed at the Starter...a Voltage Drop is created causing insufficient voltage/amperage... ...The result is slow turning during starts.  Mechanics miss-diagnosing the problem and a NEW Starter is purchased needlessly.

 To compound the aggravating problem, it takes years for these and other symptoms to surface. Whereas when a Spark-Plug or Magneto fails those failure-symptoms shows-up immediately.


                           AvTek's Kit includes Jet Aircraft Quality Bond-Jumpers


When Bond-Jumpers are installed from a "Clean-Shinny" Aluminum surface to the problem area such-as Nav/Comm, Starter-Motor, the Battery the resistance is close to 0.010 Ω  10 Mil Ohms...this is as near to ZERO as possible.  Then seal that Bond so the atmosphere will not attack your grounding making the near zero grounding last 50 years


Connect the Bond-Jumper at both ends with  Aluminum Fasteners, Pop-Rivets or bolts.

       Kit includes: FAA-APPROVAL

 * Three (3) Jumper One for the panel, starter and your battery...and Aluminum  Fasteners

 * DVD step by step how to Power-Point Presentation

  * Sealant

   This kit is PRICELESS and you will say so when all your Electrical Erratic Gremlins are Eliminated.  MSRP $199.95

                   What is in the Kit  Continue Click HERE  


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