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Air-Squeeze-Kit  Door-Seal FAA-PMA-Approved... To be Installed on your DOOR...NOT the Airframe.

Our Seal will never get damaged by foot traffic from your family, and passengers.  It's installed on the DOOR. Back 5-Door-Seals


Customer asked us below if  we could make a Seal-Kit using both Air-Seal -02 & -01 "Squeeze-Out"...Indeed, YES we can:

B1: Submit
Mohsin Syed
cessna  1961, 24 volts and
cessna  1971, 24 volts


we have air leaks in the Door-Seal due to doors' mechanical wear out. pls suggest which of your door-seals would do the job. I feel if you can make a kit with lengths of squeeze-out, door-gap and air-chamber seals, we can mix and match to solve the problem.

Yes Sir...Indeed I'm very pleased you asked.  I have offered this suggestion to many.  Mixing and matching is the ONLY way to actually accomplish the task of sealing each aircraft door...Because; NO TWO DOORS ARE THE SAME.

                                    $129.95/door.  Order "Air-Squeeze-Kit"    Only $199.95 for two Doors.

 Door circumference is from 122 inches to 144, depending on aircraft. Or Approx: 11 feet.  Your door is similar to a Piper Cherokee in many ways.  I suggest MORE Air-Chamber Seal.  (26 feet of "-02 Air-Seal")  &  (5 feet of "Squeeze-Out -01" ) For at total of 31 feet, you will have extra of both, in case you need it.  Install "Squeeze-Out" on the Top and Rear of the Door...While installing Air-Seal on the Bottom and Forward Door where the hinges are.  Because the Squeeze-Out is too large near the hinges and trimming would be needed there anyway.   This combination is indeed the "BEST" solution and ONLY our company can make this offer.

 For further info and ordering, please  call  1800/659-2800 West Coast hours.  We prefer you order on line.  I'm a Boeing Engineer by day, and it can be difficult to take phone calls.  So you may get the voice mail.


        Below; our Peel n' Stick Air-Chamber Door-Seal is PMA'd to be installed on your DOOR...will never get damaged from foot traffic.


 "Air-Chamber" Seal acts like an inflatable seal without blowing up like a balloon.  The Chambers form-fit to the doors contours.

Our seal has been chemically treated similar to "Marine" Seals to prevent: Tearing/Rotting/Mildew and premature failure...and of course our Seal is installed on your DOOR. 


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