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Door-Seals...5 to choose from.  Yes Five Seals...    

Best Door-Seal-Kit 

While indeed we have (5) Five different Seals PMA-FAA-Approved...AvTek ONLY recommends the -01 & -02 for your aircraft entry doors. 

                                                            The -03 is for windows and -04 is for Baggage Doors.

The -02 works GREAT on all Doors, even baggage doors but your door may need more filler seal in the rear Top & Bottom...

.... In this case order the -01/-02 Air-Squeeze kit  Compare Door-Seals

The reason for (5) different seals is because door to door even the exact same model the door will fit differently. 

Any $15,000 car will have a better consistent fitting door than any $280,000 new aircraft.  Why? Weight & Balance.  G/a Doors must be light; therefore flimsy.

See aircraft door below to determine what correct seal to purchase:

Aircraft pictured below, could be Piper, Beech or any aircraft...it's the Door-Gap you should look at.  If the gap on your aircraft is 3/32" or SMALLER DO-NOT Purchase the "Squeeze-Out".  Instead purchase the "Air-Chamber" Sea" Seal.  You may then want to Purchase our Gap-Seal for only $129.95.  This gap-seal works together with our -02 "Air-Chamber" seal providing the same "Seal-Out" weather protection from Rain, dust and creepy crawling things.          

PLEASE NOTE: The Gap Clearance forward (near-hinges) will be paper-thin on all aircraft. The "Squeeze-Out" Seal is trimmed to fit.  Better still, order the "Air-Squeeze" Kit which includes both the -01 "Squeeze-Out" that fills the Gaps at the rear top and bottom of all doors, while the -02 Air-Chamber seal is install Fwd on your door near the hinges...NO Trimming required.

  See the gap...it's paper thin.  Most Pipers and some Cessna' s have very large Gaps.

        Do the Following to determine which of our (5) seals

While no two doors are alike, therefore difficult for us to know from Seattle what seal is best for you.  Do the following and you will be able to determine which seal is BEST for you:

1) Remove the door and remove all seal the old Door-Seal Material.  With the Door Channel clean, re-install the Door and from inside close and Latch the door.
2) Look slowly for Gap's  from the inside and mark them with tape. 
3) you should see gaps at the rear top and bottom of the door, while tight fitting near the hinges

If you see Large Gaps then the "Air-Squeeze" Kit is the one to order...If you do not see any gaps at all or small gaps in one or  two locations then the -02 or -04 should be ordered.

                                    Our Best Kit is the -02 + -05...No Leaks Ever


If your gaps are very thin near the hinges Order the -03 $49.95

 If your gaps are normal at the hinges BUT wind/water enters at the front of your door besides the rear, order the 01 & -05 Kit     But we think this kit is best for all

     These Kits contain the correct amount and thickness to Seal One Door $129.95 Or 2/$199.95  Cessna's:  Order one of each

  Cessna Products Here  

    Click Squeeze-Out        Click Air-Chamber Brown-Seal        Click Door-Gap-Seal        Click Window & VERY tight fitting Door's

                      Click when all the above fails                  You want fast answers  Click >>Matrix Chart of all Door-Seals

*FREE Seal....  Old seal needs to be returned in re-sellable condition.

 Door-Seal Movie Click here to view Movie   Click Enter  for  Real-Time Video on how well the Seal works. 

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