Get the Very Best Protection Against Electrical failures While IFR...

This Kit, contains Everything your Aircraft Manufacture should have included in your Panel, as Standard Equipment, BUT didn't !

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1st_Alert will Blink a Large Red Led at the 1st Sign of Elect Trouble.  But; before you Break out your Ships Battery could go Dead. And your Aircraft Destroyed While IFR  with you and your Family on Board.  So this Kit also Contains StdBy_Elect_unit.

1st Alert NOT $159.95,NOW...$Call 253/813-1455 You'll save. You will call if indeed you want one

        12 Volt Both together Call,  (28volt StdBy) & 1st Alert Call

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Nearly This Many Hit Counter have bought the Kit or just clicked here Since Aug. 2001...

Honestly after looking at the Counter myself several months later, More lookers then buyers.  Too bad for them.  1st Alert is everything it is advertised to be.  But some also want vacuum Alert.  If enough of you say YES, I'll buy 1st Alert is it had Vacuum also, I may do-it.  BUT it's MORE $$$, You still want-it?  No not $25 more!