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Electrical  while VFR are a Nuisance,

Now 1st Alert Detects more then Failed Electrical:

Meets Coast-Guard-Approval, SOLD and used by Boaters for years to detect: Electrical/Alternator Failures and low oil pressure.  NOT zero oil pressure but 12 pounds. When oil pressure in your engine reaches 12 pounds a RED-Led Blinks, allows you to save your Expensive Engine.

However pilots believe that Electrical, will NEVER Fail.  GET 1ST  Alert Today  to detect Elect Failures time and make it down safely.

AvTek has designed a truly EARLY warning detection system that is: Simple, Flawless, and Absolutely Reliable (NO FALSE ALARMS). Called:  1st Alert

1st Alert  will detect:   * Alternator Failure * Broken or slipping Belts * Leaky Diodes * Regulator failure and Dangerous Low Oil and Vacuum Pressure

* Detects if you forgot to turn OFF the Master Switch, after tie down.

AvTek has designed 1st Alert using a TEXAS INSTRUMENT    Reliable MicroCircuit. 1st Alert will NEVER need repair.

PULSING RED L.E.D, by Kingbright  


        1st Alert Now Plugs into Cig Lighter, NO install

                 1st Alert Panel Pic.jpg (53701 bytes) $159.95

Red Led is brighter then normal LED's, will Alert you at the 1ST sign of Trouble.

1ST Alert looks for reverse current from the ship’s battery, which is the 1ST indication that the charging system has problems. Very reliable.  At 1.5 oz 1st Alert Installs quickly.

1ST Alert will begin to pulse each, and every-time you 1st turn-on the Master Switch as you hit the starter "KEY or Button" .   Then as the Alternator/Generator comes on, 1ST Alert's RED Pulsing Led will go OUT.  This is your reassurance everything is O.K. before you depart. 1ST Alert is now Armed and ready to detect any In-Flight Electrical Problems.

1ST Alert will also Intermittently Pulse when you have: Leaky Diodes, previously very difficult for Mechanic's too locate.  Diodes and Field/Stator winding problems are all difficult to trouble shoot.

1ST Alert will detect them all: Each time, every time; Immediately, and Instantly.

1ST Alert will also remind you that the Master-Switch is still ON, before you drive home.

1ST Alert Plugs into your Cig-Lighter No installs, or connect two wires with a screw-driver in 40 minutes .

1ST Alert will detect OVER-VOLTAGE  here's how:

Over-Voltage Problems, are very rare! But, can happen when the Alternator windings malfunction.  When this does happen...the VOLTAGE will increase so fast (Instantly) that the Alternator goes into "OVERDRIVE" and the Voltage/Amperage increases to the point YOUR Panel Circuit Breakers will open, and soon low buss voltage.

Under Voltage by Far occurs more often then Over Voltage. Belt, wire, diodes, corrosion the list is very long of what makes Under Voltage.  Then...a DEAD Panel will soon occur.  So AvTek Chose this environment (Under Voltage) to Alert YOU!

1STAlert Tells you it is LOW Voltage and LOW will soon mean:  NO VOLTAGE at ALL.

1STAlert does MORE then detect Low Voltage.  It also detects reverse current from the ships Battery. 

...Your battery is used for about 10 to 30 seconds to start the engine 1ST Alert will blink during this time. Then the engine starts and the alternator NOW delivery's amperage to replenish what was taken out during the starting process, 1ST Alert will reset itself and turn-OFF.    The Texas Instrument Chip is Very Smart.

  You can purchase the basic model of 1st Alert to detect only Electrical Failures, or add on: Vacuum and Oil Pressure detections.

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                Get the Very Best Protection; Click here 1st_alert_and_stdby_elec_kit.

PANEL MOUNTED LED or, Self-Contained. What's the difference?

Self-Contained, has the Red Led on the Small Box which you would mount under the panel, just above your Knees in sight from the pilots seat.    No Need to drill 1/4" hole in Panel.

(NEW *Great* Products Click Voltmeter & 3-Way Splitter.   Discounted with 1st Alert

            StdBy Meter 3-way.jpg (82043 bytes) 

These Voltmeter pictured above are $19.95

1st Alert's Panel Mounted Red Led uses the same Small Box, but the box is located behind the panel.  You see Nothing.  However you must drill a 1/4"  hole in the panel to accommodate the Red Led lens holder.  PLEASE, specify Panel mounted or self-contained when ordering.


Info 253/813-1455 (Day/Eve) or {24hr. Order 1-800/770-3265}  fax 253/850-7978 Or Submit-Order

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